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Add version to Configuration Options CSV

Add version to Configuration Options CSV

On the csv file listing out all the Configuration Options for Creo Parametric, it would be nice if there was a column listing what version of the software that option was released. There should also be a column noting how it changed. That way if you're looking at upgrading you know what options to look at that are New or Changed without having to manually look through the entire list (like I just did for 4.0). The list should also have options that were removed, and if there are replacements mention of what replaced those options.

It should list the Version and Build, and how it changed (New, Updated, Removed)


  CATEGORY:   Environment

  NAME:   modify_abs_accuracy_on_convert

  DESCRIPTION:   Absolute accuracy value will be converted on Set Units -> Convert operation

  VALUES:   yes, no

  RELEASE:   4.0 F000

  CHANGE:     New


Implementation of this would reduce the time for adminstrators and users to validate configuration options before upgrading and prevent errors on initial use.

21-Topaz II

Are you familiar with Olaf's OCUS utilities?  Look here:


Click Utilities > On lin utilities > and you'll find his and DTL utilities where you can find what's new for each version, compare two versions and more.


I'm familiar with Olaf's site, but more from the benchmarking, and hidden options. Good to know there is information out there. It's actually blocked on our network, so it's a bit more difficult for us to use. I just think PTC should be responsible for reporting out at least some of that information from the start.

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