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Allow BOM Ballons from Master Rep Repeat Region to be displayed on Simplified Reps

Allow BOM Ballons from Master Rep Repeat Region to be displayed on Simplified Reps

Currently you can't move a balloon from a master representation to a view with a simplified representation. It would be great if not only could you move the balloon but it automatically split the balloon quantity for the quantity that is in the simplified rep.


It also would be greta if was possible to change the Rep of all views of a drawing like the bottom tags of graphic window, and the Repeat Region changes within the view states.


This is similar to

Vote on both if you like this one.



Mode: Drawing

Functional Area: Table; Repeat Region; Create Balloons

Request: Ability to show/create balloons on views where a Simplified Representation is set when the repeat region is set to the Master rep.


1. Users use simplified representations in their drawing views to do the following

- Hide components for clarity

- Show assembly process

- Large assembly management technique

2. Since the simplified representation is a sub-set of the Master representation, the view should be able to be parametric to the Master rep repeat region.

Users use these simplified reps in their drawing views, but cannot show balloons for them since the repeat region is showing the Master Representation.


Option 1: This option is really bad as it is very cumbersome and only a snapshot in time and can get way out of sync.

a. Fix index on all the items in the master rep parts list

b. Copy the entire table and put it off to the side of the drawing

c. Set the simp rep on the copied table

d. Fix index on the remaining items in the simp rep table

d. Show balloons on the simp rep views

e. Make sure to put the tables on a layer and hide the layer.

Option 2: This option is too cumbersome

a. Change your simplified rep views to master rep and blank the components you don’t want to see

b. Show balloons work normally

Option 3: This option loses all parametrics and is prone to error

a. Create dumb balloons



Depending on your point of view the better work around is to exploit a bug in the software. If you do "Edit Attachment" and then "Same Ref" you can get the leader to jump to another view even if it is a different rep. This is a bug though because if you try and just go "move to view" Creo will tell you its against the rules.

I was very excited about Christopher's bug/work-around, but it didn't work for me.  Maybe PTC fixed that bug.  We are using Creo 2.0 M210.


I am not on that Datecode yet, but it would surprise me if they fixed it. You have to make sure that the entity that the leader is attached to is viewable in the new view. If it helps, first change the leader reference to something in the old view that can be seen in both views. Then when you do "Same Ref" you have to move your mouse right over the same entity (line, surface, etc.). There is a little technique involved.

Love that!  It worked

Thanks a bunch.


Pro-e used to have a module called Pro-Process.  I think that did something similar to what a lot of people want, where you can show parts of an assembly, as you put it together.

Of course troublesome because it was a different module.  If PTC could build some of that logic into Drawing mode, I think that would help.



I use an Workaround for that.

first - create an detailed view of an small Portion of the master rep and create required ballons.

second - create your simplified rep. view on an other position of your drawing.

third- make the origins identical of both view.


Community Manager
Status changed to: Acknowledged

7 years later and still nothing done by PTC.


how many votes does this need to get implemented?  Can you distribute the ideas for voting to all users via email so they at least know the idea is up for election?  I don't know anyone that would not vote for this.