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Allow COMPLETE remove control over "Common Folders" and "Favorites Folder"

Allow COMPLETE remove control over "Common Folders" and "Favorites Folder"

Allow us the ability to complete control what we have and what we don't. Currently, we do not have complete control


There are a lot of built in items in the common folders that are completely inappropriate locations for storage of CAD files.  Items like My Documents and Desktop should be customizeable by the config.sup file so that no user can ever store a CAD file there.  These are fine places for people to save their itunes and personal data but not CAD data that other people will need to be able to access.


I would find this very useful when trying to define a simple, clear approach for my designers to follow.

One thing I'm always asked to provide is a clear solution, preferably with only one possible outcome for each scenario. To coin a design phrase 'Poke Yoke'! In other words, If I've opened a dialogue with the intention of selecting a drawing format, why do I need a selection of other folders to distract me from the one or two folders that I actually need. I could select the wrong option.

PTC, please get this added asap....or tell me that it's already in Creo 3.0, that would be great. Thanks.

21-Topaz II

I would include the ability to re-name items there without re-naming the target folder, much like we can do in favorites.  In our projects, all work is done in a WIP folder, Each user has a sub-folder in the project WIP with their initials.  When I add my WIP folder to "Common Folders" they all appear as "DGS", no way to tell them apart.  Actually, the first appears as "DGS", the second as "DGS[1]", etc. so Creo is renaming them, but it won't let me rename them to something that makes sense.

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