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Allow Chamfer leader line position control

Allow Chamfer leader line position control

ProE/Creo forces  a leader line to be perpendicular to the chamfer it is attached too.  This prevents easliy changing the location of the chamfer to fit onto a dwg with a lot of dims.

The current workaround is to hide the actual chamfer note, create a new note referencing the dim ID, but this is an annoying work around just to be able to position the chamfer note.

Please.allow user to position chamfer without the need of the chamfer note to be perpendicular to the chamfer surface.


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Re: Chamfer leader line control?

Idea Update on 05JUN2014: Along with the above listed type of control, Leader line jogs should also be allowed in Chamfers (and in rounds for that matter)!  This is a very common need for us on part dwgs with a lot of dimensions.  We rarely need a round or a chamfer without having to convert it to a note just to control the leader line:


23-Emerald II

I agree with this. I think the analogy to what they are trying to force is the radius/diameter dimension always going through the center of the radius. But the chamfer is a different animal and more control should be allowed.


I never thought of that, but what you said makes sense but that doesn't make it practical.

It is interesting to note, that once in a while I get a real old dwg and the chamfer is at a different angle...until I touch it and then it gets forced perpendicular.  I guess this means ProE used to allow it to be hopefully this means it will be easy to change back to being flexible again.

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