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Allow Defining Limits on Model Flexibility

Allow Defining Limits on Model Flexibility

There should be the ability to place limits for flexible items, specifically pre-defined flexible items. This would be similar to placing limits on mechanism movements.

Most commonly we use this in vendor components that have max/min conditions.

Adding limits could also prevent the model from entering an unstable or unrealistic state.

Example: If you use flexibility on the length of a spring there is no way to prevent a 0 height spring, or a spring longer than the max length the spring should be stretched to.

Here's just a sample idea. Though it would need the ability to have no limit set as well.


There are work arounds that others have found (flexible component with limits) but none are strict limits with dialog boxes telling you why you're getting an error and what the range is.


can't you that with an if statement relation where "if dn>n  dn=<max>  endif" "if dn<m  dn=<min>  endif".

Haven't tried it but it seems logical.


Yes, though I would consider that a work around, the article link at the bottom has a few options. It works, but there's no easy error message. I used the

LENGTH >= 24

LENGTH <= 36

method and it threw up an error message stating that it broke the relation. I knew what it meant, but not everyone would. It could also still be bypassed allowing the wrong value. Setting it to the max/min could be confusing if it sets it back without a message. If we could throw an error message in the relations like can be done in code that would work too, but it would be better overall to put the limits in the same flexibility tool.

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