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Allow Vertical Note Justification

Allow Vertical Note Justification

Today, only On Item notes can be vertically justified.

Allow -any- note annotation to be vertically justified.

This is useful when placing a note in the lower left hand corner of a drawing.  When adding lines of text, the note would grow upward.

The same dialog could be used as currently available; only the functionality need be added.  Top (default), Center, and Bottom should be enabled.

Vertical_text_align_ii.JPG(<= this is a modified illustration for visualization purposes)



I can't believe this is intended functionality.


We have vertical justification in table cells, where there is the cell border to justify against.

For freely-placed notes, a bit of insight into why this hasn't bubbled to the top of the prioritization, because you could achieve most of the result with @O (origin line), and having a vertical justification would conflict with and need to be resolved against that origin line concept.

It's something that could be done, we've just had other work to spend our limited resources on.

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