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Allow features to be reordered and created before, after, and in between suppressed features

Allow features to be reordered and created before, after, and in between suppressed features

1. Describe your environment: What is your industry? What is your role in your organization? Describe your stakeholders.
Design and manufacture of components for off-road and over-the-road vehicles.  I am a designer.  The stakeholders are all users of creo.

2. What version of Creo Parametric are you currently running?

3. Describe the problem you are trying to solve. Please include detailed documentation such as screenshots, images or video.
I am again playing the reorder game in Creo.  I have to make "dummy" features (usually a csys) to facilitate reordering and inserting new features in my model.


In the above image I can move CS3 directly to only the green lines.  If I try to place it below DTM42 it will end up below the suppressed feature(s) below it (yellow line). If I successfully place it somewhere above the suppressed features at the bottom, I can then move it to the top of the suppressed features (orange line).  Also, I can not move a feature to the bottom of the tree if the last feature is suppressed.


Also, related or not, moving the insert bar has similar issues with suppressed features.  This limits where a new feature can be added in the tree, causing the need for more reordering.

4. What is the use case for your organization?
Eliminate the extra steps required to reorder the model tree.

5. What business value would your suggestion represent for your organization?
Save time, money and frustration when reordering and adding to the model tree.

23-Emerald II

If those features are unsuppressed, can you move the CSYS where you want it?

If Creo cannot find the reference to regenerate the CSYS due to the suppressed features, that may be by design as Creo is a hierarchical modeling system and it needs to regenerate the features above before it will allow the placement of additional features.



If they are all unsuppressed, I can move the CSYS anywhere in the tree except the top (this is the bottom of 200+ features) as it is based on the default CSYS.  If the CSYS referenced any of the suppressed features, I would expect it to be suppressed or show a failure.


In this particular model, the model is used as a master model inherited into a family of models based on a core structure with additional features that are suppressed or unsuppressed as needed to create the needed version of a mold with inserts.  I am attempting to create those additional features (currently the final touches such as rounds), many of which interfere with each other, and keep all of the related features together.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Acknowledged

Thank you @kdirth for your idea. Based on the information you provided, we are acknowledging it as the Community management team. This is not a commitment from the Product team. Other users may comment and vote your idea up.