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Allow priority files to load before IFX files.

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Allow priority files to load before IFX files.

Referring to PTC Case C12994725, my company has legacy parts which have been in use for many years which directly conflict with IFX part names. The parts are used throughout our products making renaming of the legacy parts unworkable as I would have to open hundreds or possibly thousands of assemblies during the rename. These legacy parts are stored on a network drive for common usage. When I initiated use of Creo 3 with IFX the assemblies failed due to constraint mismatch with the new IFX parts. I found that the IFX parts were loaded before any from my config.sup or I tried turn off the IFX functionality using the option. No effect.

My suggestions as to possible solutions are: allow a called from the config.sup to load before the IFX, rename the IFX parts to include the prefix AFX_ or IFX_ to differentiate them from any customer legacy parts, or turn off the IFX when the IFX functionality is turned off. 



you can remove the search path for the IFX files.

Just open the default from your Creo installation. It is located in the folder <Creo>\Common Files\text\

In this file just remove or comment the line with "search_path_file $CREO_COMMON_FILES\afx\parts\prolibrary\"

Or open the "" and remove or comment the directories you do not need.

Then the IFX files cannot be loaded any longer.

Regarding your suggestions:

  • IFX cannot control the priority of search paths. This is core Creo functionality.
  • Renaming these files by default isn't a good idea as many customer already use this parts. But it is up to you to add a prefix to your IFX library parts. The names of the instances are listed in the first column of the *.dat files and can be renamed. For the familiy table parts you then have to change the instance in the generic part too.
  • Turning of the is also not a good idea. Some people only have one license of IFX. If they assemble a fastener using IFX, then the file is loaded from the search path. If they later start without IFX because the license is currently in use, the files cannot be found.

So I think it will be the best to customize the search pro settings to your needs.

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