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Auto Back-Up @ Working Directory - Creo

Auto Back-Up @ Working Directory - Creo


I have an idea about Auto Backup at Working directory

In my current organizations we work on very heavy Assemblies , on working upon them we might forgot to save & hence it Creo Crashes away.

After above incident we think 'I would have save' , hence Once again we start doing it again.

I think this case is common to all the Creo users .

I request to PTC to create one settings such that what ever we are working on part or Assembly after a interval of 5 or 10 min , it takes Auto Backup.


An Autosave feature is not a bad idea, but save itself is not very quick with large assemblies.  It would be a distinct interruption every time unless they could get it to run in the background.  Voting up, but make it an unnoticeable autosave.


I think this idea is in the wrong place.

Ryan Kelley‌ can you move it?


Moved into the PTC Creo‌ product community.

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Autosave is not realistic based on a time intraval because there are times when the save will kick in and then delay your work for a few minutes while the save takes place and you lose your train of thought as to the operation you were trying to accomplish.

User education is the better approach to not loding any work with any CAD system! Drill into the users that they need to save before doing anything that will substatntially modify the model. Add a new boss, save first, add chamfers/rounds, save first. Ity will be come second nature to save when you need to. Only you can determine what the risk factor is for your model/assembly that requires a save operation in case of failure.

I have worked on a ssytem that had autosave. It was a real pain to be working along and hit a button for a command, only to be put 'on hold' for 3-5 minutes while the system saved my part.. That CAD package removed the autosave feature when they restructured their command interface.

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