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Automated Drawing creation for Family table instances.

Automated Drawing creation for Family table instances.

When we have a  part model like a hollow shaft with variants in the inner diameter,  we can use family table to create instance with the inner diameter specifications, when we require having  detail drawing for each instance, we have to   create new drawings for each instance,or we can save a copy and replace the model, but if there are going to be 50-70 variants as instances, it will be a time-consuming process to create drawings.


Thus we need to have an option which automatically creates the drawings for the instances with reference to the drawing for the Generic part. 


 Something like "Create the drawing for Instances also" selection option would be very useful for fast processing.

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If you have a family table, create a generic drawing anmd table the data with variables for the items that change in the instances.

A= Outer Diameter

B= Inner Diamater

C= Length

Build a 2D table with 4 columns: Part Number, A, B, C.

Add a new instance, add a new row.


Having individual drawings for every instance would be a nightmare to keep up to date. I have hardware in family tables and am approaching 10K instances in about 25 files. My largest family table has almost 2K instances.



Hi  BenLoosli,

Thanks for the comment and your point is very much valid, but my requirement is to create Drawings for instances, and I  would suggest this feature can be an optional feature(tick and untick) while the generic drawing is created.  since you have a very large family table, it would be difficult but while having instances of 60-70, it would speed up my work and data managing would also be easy.


Thank you,


The down side of using the table in the drawing for different instances is it increases the oppertunity for the shop to accidentally use the wrong dimension. We have used both methods and the prefered method is a seperate drawing for each instance. Individual drawings makes it easier to export DXF files of the needed part/drawing for customers & vendors. I do wish there was an easier method for creation & management of instance drawings.



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