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Automatically activate window when PDMLink object is opened from embedded browser

Automatically activate window when PDMLink object is opened from embedded browser

When a Creo object is opened from PDMLink thru the embedded browser it is not automatically activated.

Currently the user has to activate this window manually.

Window should be activated automatically similar to when an object is opened using File > Open.

24-Ruby II

Creo Parametric 2.0 M070

I activated Folder Browser tab in Navigator pane and selected Working Directory item. In integrated browser window I selected Creo object, clicked RMB and selected Open command. Creo opened selected object and activated its window. I can't see any problem...

Martin Hanak

5-Regular Member

I should have mentioned I was opening objects from PDMLink using the embedded browser. I updated the title and description accordingly.


FYI, in TC meetings in Jan. that mentioned that in Creo 3.0 one of the things they wanted to due was get rid of the need for the "Activate" button. So when you select a window and bring it to the front it will automatically active the model/drw.


I see that there is already an SPR 1890569 filed for issue and seems to be to closing as Enhancement request,

Please refer to Article for more details.

Here is Article resolution:

  • Reported to R&D as SPR 1890569
  • Working to product specifications
  • SPR is still active but is considered as an Enhancement Request.
  • To be able to directly have the window active at retrieval of the object, prefer the approach >File >Open from Pro/ENGINEER (or Creo).

At moment this seems to “Working to product specifications”.

Let me know your comment otherwise we can close the ticket.



Please see this video demo:


I hear this all the time.

At moment this seems to “Working to product specifications”.

This is why it is suggested as an enhancement. It is really a pain in the a** when opening a new file in Creo from Windchill thru the embedded browser. I feel the PAIN at least 30 x's a day and I am just one person. Now multiply it by every Windchill/Creo user, it becomes a NO BRAINER.

PTC's mentality has always been about reducing mouse travel and mouse clicks.


Following similar to what Martin did ( Creo 2, M100) except I chose Workspace instead of Work Directory.  This put me in the embedded browser.

I then chose an icon from under the actions column in the imbedded browser (specifically the "open in creo" icon)
Opened immediately.

two clicks, a scroll then another click and done.




Agree that works all the time for the first file open, now with that open, select Common Folders tab, Workspace and open a second file. This is where the issue lies.

Now I have to either move my mouse up to the Quick access toolbar and select Windows drop down and select the newly opened file or go to Views tab and then Activate.

The first file open is always activated or if a file is opened from an assembly in the Model Tree.


Ahhhh, now I see what you are talking about.

Never really paid attention to it except for creating a custom home tab with the activate icon placed in it.

Just worked around it, I guess.


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