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Automatically obtain floating module license when needed

Automatically obtain floating module license when needed

The current process to use a floating module:

  1. click Applications,
  2. click the module,
  3. get an error telling you what licenses are needed,
  4. click File,
  5. Options,
  6. Licensing,
  7. Refresh License List,
  8. check the box for it, if you know what it is,
  9. close it,
  10. go back to applications,
  11. click the module again and hope you got it right.


I propose the following process:

  1. Click applications
  2. Click the module, which attempts to obtain the license. 

Then when it is closed, it releases the license.  Simple, elegant, and sensible.


In the current format of the floating license the user then after selecting the license is given it every time they start Creo.  It should only be for the current session.

Please allow Creo to automatically get a license it needs if available and release it when they close their session.


This has already been implemented for some modules. If you have separate Creo Simulate Licenses for example, when you click on Simulate it already automatically trys to grab a license and then it releases it when you exit out of Creo Simulate.


It should work the exact same way for Creo Simulate Live and others. When you click the Creo Simulate Live tab, it attempts to grab a license and then releases it when you get out of the Creo Simulation Live tab.


If implemented like Creo Simulate this would also allow admins to track the number of times a license was denied (with FLEXLM_DIAGNOSTICS=2) so that companies know better how many more licenses they need to buy from PTC.

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