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Black Edges for Transparent Parts

Black Edges for Transparent Parts

I think that PTC should consider adding a config option to fix an issue that bothers most current CREO users.

Out of the box, when making components transparent, the edges wind up faded (grayed out). It is not a pleasant thing, especially when dealing with multiple components in an assembly, and many of those components are transparent....image is muddy, and generally unclear.

I believe that PTC should either make the default mode to be black edges only (when that option is chosen from the view type icons) - or- At least have a config option that allows black edges to be the default mode, while making surfs transparent.

The work-around that is shown below is just too cumbersome, and fairly silly. My neighbor, who uses U.G. gets a good laugh at how ugly Creo's approach to transparent edges are.

Nice crisp black lines is what the engineering community wants.......

It will be very much appreciated by all once this fix is introduced, (despite what your marketing groups or focus groups happen to say.)

thanks in advance,

Evan Steinman

Senior Design Engineer


954 364 7751



Please feel free to email me at to discuss.

or call me at 954 364 7751.


Community Manager
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