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Borrowed license and return of license

Borrowed license and return of license

Currently, when borrowing a license from Creo (3, 2 or 1), you can ONLY run a lower version of Creo with the borrowed license.  I currently have a customer that is still on std Wildfire 5.0 (correct, not creo elements 5, but std 5).  As a business owner of a contract engineering company and user of this software, we should be able to run ANY version of Creo or Wildfire below the license borrowed.


For example, if I borrow a Creo3 license, I should and can run all the lower Creo versions, BUT I should also be able to run any of the Wildfire versions.

This is currently not the case, and in order to do so, I must WAIT for the license to expire before I can even  borrow the license under Wildfire 5.


This brings to the second point, why can't we return a borrowed license??? Why must we wait for it to expire???

We should be able to return a borrowed license at any time we desire!!!


These 2 items should be corrected for the sake of the users!!!

23-Emerald II

The return of a borrowed license is a flaw in the license management software itself and not under PTC's control. Other companies that use the same license management software have the same restriction on returning a borrowed license before it expires.

24-Ruby II


according to, borrowed licenses can be returned early starting from:

  • Creo Elements/Pro 5.0 M150
  • Creo Parametric 1.0 M050
  • Creo Parametric 2.0 M020



If we read Marianos reply in this thread modify proe_borrow.bat for borrowing more than 14 days

other vendors are able to return their licenses with the same license manager. How did they do it, if it was technically impossible?


So you want PTC to make changes to WF5? A version that they stopped supporting years ago? How about requesting that they update Rev 1 to allow for Unite functions to work there too?


It is evident you do not understand the issue. If you cannot contribute to the issue, do not post to it.

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