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Bounding Box as a Feature

Bounding Box as a Feature

Bounding Box as a Feature

Please make a feature in Creo Parametric representing the smallest area or volume in which a design can fit, bounding box.

Please spend a few minutes looking at this video from SolidWorks, it is very simple and easy to understand.

Bunding Box


Chees Erik Sallingboe


Good idea - can be used for 3D pronting Smiley Happy


 I believe the machining package can do something like this by automatic stock size.

Also close to this is in Tools - Investigate - Model Size.

I suggest that the Model Size also print out more of the box properties not just the diagonal size like it now does, especially since it renders the box and knows the size already.  If this function was moved to be an Analysis item then maybe we get the option to create it as feature or saved like other analysis items.


This feature exist in Creo View, but it doesnt always show the "minimal" bounding box. If a feature is developped in Creo Parametric, it need to show the 3 lengths (X,Y,Z) of the minimal bounding box, this box is usefull (for example: to calculate a storage volume necessary for an assembly)

Hi Fnefil

Yes, Creo View can do some part of the job, but we like to have it X,Y and Z as attributes in Creo as well as in Windchill.

I think, this Request from many Companys, and it must be quite simple for PTC to make a feature like this in Creo



BTW, please let the idea be spread out in your organisation



Hello esallingboe-2,

ill transfert the idea to other colleagues to get their support on this topic



Regular Member

If this was a simple as creating Length, Width and Height parameters for use in drawings and BOM that would be spectacular!


I just did this in toolkit.  It would be great if PTC implemented a direction function.


What I had to do.

if (model has copy geoms) -> create a shrinkwrap

then compute the ProSolidOutlineCompute for all rotations about x, y, and z sweeping from 0 to 90 degrees.

I do a two stage pass and get the bounding box to within 1 degree.



Community Manager
Status changed to: Acknowledged

Bounding box as model parameters (diagonal, x, y, z) would be nice as well. Today they are available via Jlink.

Jlink has two bounding box functions: pfcSolid.Solid.GetGeomOutline and pfcSolid.Solid.EvalOutline. You probably want EvalOutline. EvalOutline includes copy geometry, and you supply the orientation. It does not find the minimum bounding box.

If this gets implemented there should be a geometry only option.


Good news: There is a new feature in Creo 7.0 called Enclosure Volume, which creates surface boundary box around model.



Bad news: No boundary box parameters (x,y,z) are created.

Worse news: For Enclosure Volume feature to work, you need license for Generative Design. 

Worst news: Have not found it... yet. 🙂

Well, you are right, there is a new feature in Creo 7.0, Enclosure Volume

But as you are pointing out there are some bad news as well.

Actually, I thing there are to few improvements in Creo 7.0, and the Bounding Box should be very simple for PTC to implement

Status changed to: Under Consideration

set to "under consideration" as we can envision to enhance the Enclosure Volume feature to provide full Bounding Box functionality.

Still,  note that Creo 7.0 with multibody and the Enclosure Volume feature allow you to get to it quickly. 

Thanks for status change.

Sorry but the Enclosure Volume feature do not give the needed result, please look at the video from SolidWorks and the freedom the feature have.



It the calculation is too complicated (to find the minimum bouding box), there should be an option to only re-calculate it when needed, such as in mass properties.

If using the shading triangulation boudingbox, the minimum on X, Y, Z is already calculated, so those parameters should always be provided after each regeneration to be able to use the with, length and height in a BOM.


Knowing that modelcheck can give these 3 values in a single parameter. It should be possible to separate them into 3 parameters.