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Bring back old Note Properties Dialog box (CREO 3)

Bring back old Note Properties Dialog box (CREO 3)

We have moved to CREO 3 from Wildfire 4.0 for 3 weeks now.

I am getting multiple complaints on how cumbersome it has become working with the drawing functions.

One particular anoying "enhancement" is the disapearence of the Note Properties Dialog box for simple notes.

When we try modifying text in CREO 3, the cursor is difficult to see, sometimes does not appear or you do not see where it is located.


Totally agree!

We compile drawing notes in Creo 3.0 using a drawing note template containing standard notes for different applications.

The content is cut and pasted according to what you want the final note to look like or say.

The default text editor is now notepad and displays symbols ( brackets and semi colons etc ) that clutter the note field and make it difficult to edit.

Productivity has been severely impaired with this "enhancement". Bring back that simple editor. It worked a lot better than what there is now.

Also the "drawing_file_editor" command line has been removed so one cannot even select a cleaner editor other than "notepad"   

I will second that opinion !

I've been using Pro/E, eight hours a day for the last 22 years - since version 17 on SGI-IRIX.  So I guess that makes me an ol' timer in the PTC world.  Over the years, I've seen both good and bad from PTC.  In Creo 3.0, there are also good and bad changes.  Good (continuous moving x-sections in real time.  Bad (note editing is now complete Zshit and a HUGE step backward) especially if you use a black background for your drawings... like me) also Bad (The entire printing routine is crap - more picks, white with yellow on print preview, improper scaling at print time etc, it's just complete Zshit as well).

Come on PTC - FIX these issues and not at a major software release.  Fix them NOW in a maintenance release - ASAP !

Bob Schwerdlin

Sr. Design Engineer

Dukane Corp.


Bob, Appreciate your support on the issue.

Please apply your vote for this complaint by clicking on the "up" arrow by the side of the counter (top left of the page). The larger that number is the more attention it will receive from the PTC group.

BTW .. totally agree with your point on the print preview. White background with yellow. Someone certainly didn't grasp the concept of "Contrast"!

David Perry

Sr. Design Engineer

Curtiss Wright Inc.


I very much like the new ease of formatting of text, and quickly making an edit to the text (without the extra click and mouse motion).  However I agree that it is hard to see the curser and that making this visual change would be helpful.

Caveat: My experience is from testing and not from daily use, nor from other user feedback at our company since we are still on Creo2.


I should also mention that I would not be opposed to the old not box being brought back as an option, but like the quick inline editing ability using the new methods...with the exception of not being able to see the curser (and I seem to recall from last testing that it was a little awkward jumping into editing the text.


Totally agree! We grab a note from one sheet of the drawing  that needs to contain info listed on different sheets of the drawing. With the old Notes Properties Editor, we could open the note from the sheet and then jump from sheet to sheet, find the info, enter it in the note being edited in the dialog box (which remained open while surfing the sheets) and when done, the note was placed back on the original sheet where it was selected. Now I have to surf the sheets, write down the info, go back to the sheet were the note is located and edit the text with the new text UI. They say this new way to edit the text increase productivity? It added a lot of time and effort to our drawing creation. It would be great if we had a config option that would let you go back to the old way of editing text....It's still in there because when I re-define a symbol and edit the text there, low-and-behold, there pops up the Note Property Editor!!


It seems the biggest problem is not having the ability to visually see the curser, which they could fix another way.  When I first started testing, I thought they just made the inline text as the default, but am surprised they removed the dialog box entirely.

Glenn Meekma Can you elaborate on the sheet to sheet problem you have?  From your description I am not sure why you couldn't go to the sheet with the info you want, copy it and then paste it in the inline note?  Your case sounds fairly unique, but maybe there are others doing what you do too?

Although sometimes I would love to be able to see more than one sheet side by side with each other (not just a note thing), although I don't know any program that allows for this (Although MS Office does have the split view that kind of allows for this)

Regular Member

For what it is worth, I have a mapkey that uses old code to open a dialog and edit a single line of text from a multi-line text, within the dialog box.

This may or may not help relieve a little misery, but try it out. (Just copy and paste it into your And yes, it still works with Creo 3.0

mapkey @@@tll @MAPKEY_NAMEEdit Single Line Text;\

mapkey(continued) @MAPKEY_LABELEdit Single Line Text;\

mapkey(continued) ~ Select `main_dlg_cur` `page_Annotate_control_btn`;\

mapkey(continued) ~ Close `main_dlg_cur` `page_Annotate_control_btn`;\

mapkey(continued) ~ Open `main_dlg_cur` `Sst_bar.filter_list`;\

mapkey(continued) ~ Close `main_dlg_cur` `Sst_bar.filter_list`;\

mapkey(continued) ~ Select `main_dlg_cur` `Sst_bar.filter_list`1  `15_Individual Text_SEL \

mapkey(continued) FILTER`;%tl;

mapkey tl #modify;#text;#text line;

mapkey tf #modify;#text;#full note;

mapkey th #modify;#text;#text style;

mapkey sn #sheets;#next;

mapkey sr #sheets;#previous;

!mapkey  mv #detail;#move;

!mapkey  ft #done/return;#sheets;#format;

!mapkey  sw #DETAIL;#SHOW/ERASE;~ Activate `showerase` `chk_dim`1;

!mapkey  mt #modify;#dim params;#decimal;

mapkey fa #detail;#flip arrows;

mapkey weldsym #DETAIL;#CREATE;#STD SYMBOL;#SYSTEM SYMS;#/weldsymlib;\

mapkey(continued) #/ansi_weld;#/simple;


just type in "@@@tll" once you get it copied into your and click on the specific line you want to edit

Regular Member

oh, by the way - notice there is a mapkey within the mapkeys I just shared - "tf"

mapkey tf #modify;#text;#full note

it opens an editor to modify the full note

have fun!


Note properties dialog box support in Creo Parametric 3.0 I believe it's back in CP3 M100.  Due in late June. From the PTC doc: "Starting from Creo Parametric 3.0 M100, Users will be able to right click the note and select Properties which will launch the Note Properties dialog box"



Tried both of those out, but the single liner opens up the one line editor and the full text one open up a windows text editor and both of those lock the current sheet and I cannot change to another sheet with the editor still in place.


Thanks for the suggestion though.




I can do that and go to the sheet with the info I want, copy the info, go back to the sheet with the note to be changed and paste it in, but for most of these changes, I have to go look at multiple sheets. I would have to go to each sheet and repeat that process for each piece of information that needs to be entered in the original note. With the old note editor, I could jump from one sheet  to the next, enter the info in the editor, jump to the next sheet, enter the info, jump to the next sheet, enter the info, close the editor and all the info is in the note on the original sheet. Much faster, easier, and convenient.


Lawrence - You can display multiple sheets from the same drawing simultaneously.  Use VIEW - WINDOW - NEW.  It works with parts and assemblies also.


Mark McDonald‌,  Thank you for letting me know!  I did not know you could do that and there are some good cases where it will come in handy!

Creo 3.0 M100 was recently released to the downloads page on and in this build we've re-introduced the Note Properties dialog that used to be available in prior releases.

You can still edit notes via the on-screen text editing mechanism, but now if you have a note selected, you can Right-Click and access Properties from the menu to open the dialog.

I hope this helps with the mapkeys as well as some of the other reasons why people were asking for this dialog to be re-introduced.

I'm going to mark this Idea as Current Functionality since you can now access the old dialog with Creo 3.0 M100 or later.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Acknowledged

@PTCModerator Why is this at Acknowledged state instead of Current functionality?  I can do this in Creo 4 as Raphael stated above.