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Change file open default file type drop down filter to add .stp, others

Change file open default file type drop down filter to add .stp, others

It would be nice if the default "Creo Files" filter could be modified or if a "User Defined" default filter could be defined. I work with stp files a lot and it would be nice not to have to change the file type filter all the time and instead just add it to the list of "Creo Files" which is the default.

I can imagine that people that work a lot with autocad files might like the same thing for .dwg files for instance.



If you use certain functions all the time, try using mapkeys and adjusting your ribbon like so:


Selecting, for example, Part Search icon will return the File Open menu pre-selected for "type" parts only, like so:


just a thought


After digesting, and recognizing this was a product idea I come to realize that .stp is not a "creo file" any more than a MS Word .docx is.

I can understand wanting to simplify but then PTC would have to support every file type eventually just to satisfy the 1%.

IMHO,  I think PTC is right with what they have and I have demonstrated with little effort to be self accommodating to a desire.


23-Emerald IV

To echo Ron's comment, custom mapkeys with dedicated icons will significantly improve the experience.




Mapkeys that then have to get updated with every release. This request is not much different that the "My Filter" selection that PTC has added to Creo for creating custom selection filters.


I support Chris on the need for the option to specify the default file types. 

Anyone who working in a multi CAD environment where you are assembling other CAD parts to Creo assemblies where you are not allowed to modify the Non Creo Data in Creo but use it as is needs a way to natively search/See the non creo files by default.  Otherwise PTC is just pretending to Create a Multi CAD platform.
Why waste the time of many people in many organizations to create a map key when the time it would take to program in the option in by a few people could save the rest of us time. One should be able to go from one group or one company to another and not need to bring their own map keys just to be more productive!


Don A

Community Manager
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