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Changes to allow ModelCheck to be more Flexible/Useful

Changes to allow ModelCheck to be more Flexible/Useful

As of Creo 4 M040, these checks are very rigid and don't allow admins much flexibility to meet their business needs. Please add functionality to allow allow admins more flexibility to meet their company needs and make sure any changes/exceptions get included in the Creo Help Documentation.

  • FORMAT_NAME - allow NO FORMAT as an option for admins to allow as many DXF 1:1 drawings don't have formats.
    • MC Material Directory Sub Folders.jpg
    • MC Material Directory Sub Folders 2.jpg
  • SHTMTL_BENDTAB - the Creo 'Not Assigned' works well enough for many of our use cases... please allow NOT ASSIGNED to be an acceptable bend table value for admins to allow if desired.
    • Please add a way to toggle using Creo defaults for not specified DTL settings or take the approach if the DTL didn't specify a setting then the admin wants users to be able to adjust that setting.
    • ModelCheck - STD_DTL_SETUP idea.jpg
    • Adding the option to pick DTL files based on the current drawing format name (not just the format size) would increase the flexibility of this check since we have different formats/DTL settings for parts designed in MM vs INCHES. The STD_DRW_DTL_FILE help documentation says it can but then only give an example of using the drawing size to change the DTL file.
      • ModelCheck - STD_DRW_DTL_FILE Idea.jpg
    • ModelCheck Start File Future Exceptions.jpg
    • Also, please include FORCE_UPDATE_MC_PARAMS_ALL setting in the Creo Help Documentation! This was a new ModelCheck config_mc.init option added to Creo Parametic 2.0 M210 and in Creo Parametric 3.0 M080 but was never added to the help documetation.


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