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Combined State in drawing does not carry Style

Combined State in drawing does not carry Style

Although you can add a Style to a Combined State in 3D mode, you cannot take advantage of it in a drawing view.

The drawing Combined State should carry style too, so that we can create an assembly view with different display styles for its components.

i.e.: To hightlight one component in an assembly with Shading, while the rest of the components remain No Hidden.

Snap 2014-01-21 at 12.25.16.png


This is also relevant for the export to CreoView. We tried to highlight some parts with shaded display and the rest of the assembly should be in wireframe. The combined view with this style setup was not transferred to creo view as well.


Generating a PDF from a drawing is the best way I've found to generate good looking images or plot large prints. (And honestly as engineers we sometimes need to create nice presentations.) Being able to use Style States in Combined States in drawings would facilitate this.


This is a good idea and something that we'd like to consider for future enhancement.


It would be nice to have this functionality!

Status changed to: Acknowledged

More than 4 years since this "Idea" was submitted while the associated SPR was submitted in 2011!

I would actually say this is more of a bug than enhancement.  The functionality leads you to believe that it "should" work.


We need this functionality so that we can do the following:

- in different drawing views, we need to selectively BLANK different sets of components to depict installation drawings

- use a single repeat region for placing BOM balloons


Without this functionality, there doesn't appear to be a way to achieve this.


need to have this function,

times needed to show assembly part(s) as shaded and as no-hidden

already set in the assembly, should be able to use it.


We need this for safty-layouts.

Converting of combined states to CreoView is also very useful.


Still a good idea that deserves to be implemented.


Explicitly for appearance states, but part of the overall package of combined states mentioned above:


Often times parts require coatings that might be a portion of a model appearance, but will also require a designated area for specificity. In using "real-world" colors, the variances may be too subtle or colors blend in with a background. This prompts users to stray from actuality, which is less clear (with regard to design intent) upon model assessment and hinders the occasional downstream rendered outputs, when requested. This can all be managed by model appearance states, but it is also needed in drawings when we show shaded views for coating callouts. The age-old methods of highlighting via sketch, general notation, and/or hatched area (on surfaces that it's feasible, at least) will suffice, but it's extra work to replicate what an appearance state can do in the model.


In this scenario, I find myself coloring a component as it appears in the real world, and adding designated areas as necessary for particular coatings. Then, if it's not clear when translated to a drawing, I use designated areas to highlight and visibly change model appearance for shaded drawing views. Basically, I toggle the "drawing appearance" off in the model via layers, as well as in all views that are not shaded to avoid the pink surface edges, while I unhide this layer in a shaded view for accurate/ideal depiction.


A lot of this can be avoided by defining appearance states in the model that can then translate to the drawing, with a simple toggle of a designated area layer thereafter for explicit callouts.