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Did you mean: option to NOT display the "Resource center" when launching Creo3 option to NOT display the "Resource center" when launching Creo3

Please add a option to be able to hide the "Resource center" when launching Creo3.

Even if you have a check box to "not show window again", the resource center will reaper when cleaning WS cache.

We would like to choose to not show this information in our company without having to copy creo_parametric_customization.ui in cache at each Creo3 launch.

Resource center.jpg

Solution suggested by PTC :

  • Actions disabling questions in popup windows and stored in "creo_parametric_customization.ui" are not considered if file is stored as "creo_parametric_admin_customization.ui"
  • For instance, below are 2 popup windows appearing as default:
  • "New to Creo Parametric" dialog box at Creo Parametric 2.0 startup

Possibility is offered to check box "Don't ask me again".

  • When applying a new option and pressing "Ok" twice, systems opens a popup window saying:

The configuration settings that you have made will be applied to the current session only.

Do you want to save settings to a configuration file?
Possibility is offered to check box "In the future, do not show this message"

  • When box above are checked, information is stored in file "creo_parametric_customization.ui" located either in working directory or in the local cache (refer to article 37185 for further information)
  • At this point, question won't be re-asked again for future sessions as expected
  • However, if "creo_parametric_customization.ui" is:
    1. cut
    2. pasted in <Creo Parametric 2.0 load point>\Common Files\<datecode>\text
    3. renamed as "creo_parametric_admin_customization.ui"
  • System will unexpectedly re-ask again those questions when restarting new sessions.

SPR  2845653 / 2239491

Changes related to "Welcome to Creo 3.0" dialog through “show me the resource center in the Creo browser when launching” check box are not considered when saved to creo_parametric_admin_customization.ui in Creo Param


Hi NicolasBourgeois,

Refer to

  • To disable Resource Center tab, set option enable_resource_browser_tab to no (starting at Creo Parametric 3.0 M010)


I have tried this option but it doesn't work.



I have a case open with PTC R&D. There is no way to disable it which I call B.S.

You created it, you should be able to turn it off without customization.

Yes you can select do not show this window again and then it will be displayed in the embedded browser. Then you have to set a config setting for enable_resource_browser_tab to no

Then you also have to save the creo_parametric_admin_customization.ui and push the change along with your customization ribbons to your users.

I do not accept there answer and am going to bombard them at the Ask the Experts sessions at PTC LIVE unless they give me a suitable answer that works.

Topaz I
Status changed to: Acknowledged
Status changed to: No Plans to Implement

PTC currently has no plans to control the Resource Center via a config option at this time.  There is an option to not show again that users can select.  The setting will be saved to the users "creo_parametric_customization.ui" but if it is renamed or deleted, the resource center will be displayed again on next startup.  The Resource Center is available for users to be aware of webcasts, tutorials etc that will help them improve their productivity with Creo.  We feel this will benefit users and keep them aware of the latest information.


PTC continues to monitor this area and can consider such an enhancement in the future.