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Create option to backup ALL suppressed components.

Create option to backup ALL suppressed components.

Currently when performing "Save a Backup" on assembly with suppressed components, the suppressed components are not backed-up unless the component is in session. I would like an option to backup ALL components regardless. I have large assemblies with many suppressed components it is very time consuming to bring into session all the components just to have a backup of the current Assembly state. The backed up versions will be used for other design variations that use components that were previously suppressed.

Thanks for voting. 

24-Ruby I

Maybe you can test FULL BACKUP mentioned at COGRAS - Supputils

21-Topaz II

That company has the best banner images.  I particularly like this one:



Thanks Martin for the link, this is very interesting. Based on the information in the link others believe this is a needed function by many. They are trying to make revenue off this weakness in Creo's standard functions. Please vote for this idea if you don't want to pay someone else for functions that should already be in the base software.

Thanks to all that vote. The community needs to vote on good ideas. I believe if PTC sees there are only a few people in the community that care about an idea they aren't going to spend any time developing it.


Agree, and from my site I can ask also to have influence how Creo will do the backup, I should have just checkboxes to chose:

- with suppressed components,

- all related components,

- all related components (visible inside reference viewer e.g. additional assemblies used for copy geometry on fly etc.),

- set all components with suppressed state, where all features in that part will be suppressed to obtain smallest possible file size before compressing file,

- zip the backup etc.

And add an option to keep the version number extension during this process
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