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Creo Parametic Default Drawing Setttings

Creo Parametic Default Drawing Setttings

Why most New Users hate to work with PTC's MCAD Solutions in their First use?

Generally for any Customer or a new learner, the basic requirement is creating 3D models, Assembling them and creating the Drawings.

The moment they create a Drawing in ProENGINEER / Creo Parametric with the Default Drawing Settings/Templates/Formats provided by PTC, the next moment they Question themself that "What the heck I've created?" and they hate what they've done.

If the same guy uses SolidWorks to create a Drawing, they love it so much and they feel like "I did something Great"

First Impression is the Best Impression.

Why can't PTC give some Good basic Settings, Templates & Formats to create a Wonderful Drawing?

[I'm still wondering, PTC always say 1/3 of it's work force is working in R&D, none of these people has no knowledge about what is the minimum Settings to be provided to create a Good Looking Drawings?]

We need to customize everything.

Wake up Guys, there is a lot many small, silly & idiotic things which makes PTC to loose the market.


Niranjan V


I cannot agree with you on this.  I am usually a very stanch supporter of drawing improvements, and yes, I've used SW.  From Pro|E to Creo, I find the configuration editor is vastly improved and the newly provided templates -do- get you going on "decent" drawings. 

Could there be improvements?  SURE!  ...but I would focus that on the help pages or just getting a better visual of the config settings actually do.  If anything, the drawing's sketcher could use a serious overhaul.


I'm not saying Creo Parametric / ProENGINEER Wf can't create good looking Drawings.

We need to do a lot many Drawing Configurations & Customizations [Imagine of a new User who doesn't know Creo and started working on Drawings. Does he/she really like it?].

If we've not created any Formats / Templates & We need to create a fast Drawing, then we'll obviously depend on the Formats / Templates provided by PTC.

Did you see the Drawing Templates / Formats given by PTC? [The Worst Settings I've ever seen in any of the CAD softwares]

My request is about the Default Settings provided by PTC Developers in Drawing Templates & Formats.

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