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Define the default size of a template model – Sketch at the right scale of your usual models.

Define the default size of a template model – Sketch at the right scale of your usual models.

The first sketch is never at the right scale of your usual models.

Personally, the skeches are systematically 30 times larger than the scale of our models.

A circle measures 600 (mm) by default – we need to sketch at 20 (mm).

A option would be very nice to define the default sketch size.

default_sketch_size 20  (for example).

We shouldn’t need to use the “lock scale” to bring down the dimensions to our usual model scale.sketch size.JPG

24-Ruby II


you can Edit Definition of datum planes and datum axes in your template model and Adjust outline for these entities. You can change default size 500 mm for 50 mm for example.

Also, you can add datum curves into your template model to set its default size.

Martin Hanak


Hi Martin,

I had looked in this workaround but the fixed dimensions of the plane do not update to the size of the model.

They could be to big or to small depending on the size of the model.

to big.JPG

Thank you for your answer, and your vote ?


Maybe having a way to create large, medium and small start part option would be useful? Is there a way to create an initial fitted zoom when a part is created?


Hi Jessica,

I have logged a call in PTC Hotline and they don't have such technique (No initial fitted zoom when a part is created) or any other solution.

The default dimensions are probably OK for "Caterpillar" but they are no good for us in watch making.

Ideas for config options:

default_sketch_size small meium large

default_sketch_size 20 100 500 ...


You can add sketch as your first features of your model in the start part, something like a circle with a small diameter. Then put it on a layer. The drawback is you have an extra feature.

My own personal choice is not to worry about the size of the datum. Start your first feature draw the basic shape not worrying about the size. When you have your shape box the whole shape right click and modify, this opens the dialog box you can then lock the scale change the main dimension and the whole shape will scale without messing up your sketch.

Good luck


Auto-Sketch Scaling functionality in SolidWorks:

Scaling the entities in the first sketch, based on the first applied dimension, is a very good concept.

How much time would it save to Creo users ?

Have a look at the video (from 2:10 to 3:50)  Auto-Sketch Scaling Tutorial Video

Auto-Sketch Scaling in SolidWorks 2014 will save the world about 2,500 user-years annually!!!

It is a bit ironic that you will most likely not notice a little SolidWorks 2014 enhancement which will provide the biggest productivity boost to the whole SolidWorks Community. Scaling the entities in the first sketch, based on the first applied dimension, is such a simple concept! A concept that will be used by every SolidWorks user, a concept that works seamlessly and which will save you time and your company money!
How much time, you ask? It depends on how many parts you create from scratch and how complex are the first sketches in each part. Let’s say you need to create 10 new parts per day. You will save about 30 seconds per part, altogether around 5 minutes each day. If your company has 10 designers, the time savings for the whole design team will approach one hour every day.
SolidWorks has a few million users. Let’s be conservative and say that only one million of them create new parts on any given day. In this case the time savings in the SolidWorks Community produced only by this small enhancement will be of 9.5 (nine and a half) user-years every day! That is over 200 user-years monthly and almost 2500 user-years annually!!!
Please watch this Auto-Sketch Scaling Tutorial Video in order to understand why I am so excited about this productivity booster introduced in SolidWorks 2014.
Status changed to: Acknowledged
Status changed to: Implementation In Progress

sketch auto-scaling for first sketch and upon first modification of weak dim is in the works for Creo 9.0

Best regards...Martin


I really don't know, but in future we will definitely facing the big competition from other software, as this idea was raised 15 months before the Solidwork 14 launch.

But thanks to PTC team that they are bringing this thing very soon.

Status changed to: Delivered

Automatic scaling of the first sketch when you enter a value for the first dimension has been implemented and delivered in Creo 9.0.

see New Option to Auto Scale the First Sketch (