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Depth of Extrude

Depth of Extrude

Depth of Extrude is 216.51 at first

I want to set default depth.

if you make a small part,

you can't look for handle of Extrude's preview.

So it's hard that you control.

I propose 2 ideas.

1 . Setting default Depth of Extrude by

2 . adding small size depth in dashboard menu. 2.png



I'm all for a default bounding box setting in  Let it change after you create the first geometry feature, but it would be very useful if all your parts started out being less than 6 inches.


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jt.jpgHow about UDF for default depth or trail files for dashboard?

As you know UDF is able to have fixed depth/length.

And, you can use a trail file to input the values up to 5.

Please try my trail file. I'll send the file to you soon.


Thank you very much.
I could use your trail file and checked 10-50 in dashboard!

UDF is able to have fixed depth if you do in the order of 1-4.

1. Select "Sketch"
2. Select "Plane"
3. Sketch curves
4. Select "Extrude"

But UDF isn't able to fixed depth if you do in the orider of 1-3.

1. Select "Extrude"
2. Select "plane"
3. Sketch curves


This was brought up at the TC meetings a couple of weeks ago and it looks like they wanted to do something about it. Not sure if this could make it into Creo 3 in time or maybe be back ported.


Posted on another similar post and was directed here, you have my vote.


Below is a tip:


This tip is a work around to this issue that you may want to adopt until PTC develops a OOTB solution:


  1. Create a new part or assembly using the standard template.
  2. For the first feature create a sketch circle, assign a dimension value that would represent the size of the part you are creating. In below example I created a 10 inch circle on the Front Datum Plane.



3. You can know create your sketch as normal (make sure you do not reference the sketch circle, this will be deleted later). In example below I sketched an “L” shaped extrusion.


Note that the dimensions of the “L” shape are more in line with the size of the circle created in step 2.

 4. Completing the extrude also does not default to a 216.51 extrude depth and allows you to select the drag box to resize without panning and zooming operations.


5. The last step to remember to do is to delete the circle sketch. As you can see below the datum’s are still scaled to the circle sketch.


NOTE that deleting the circle sketch changes the size of the datum’s to match the part.


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