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Display Tolerance limits in Family Tables & therefore 2D Repeat Region Tables on drawings

Display Tolerance limits in Family Tables & therefore 2D Repeat Region Tables on drawings

Add ability to display tolerance limits to dimensions in Family table repeat regions so that the dimension limits can be displayed in a parametric 2D repeat region on the drawing. 

A dimension of a designed part on an engineering drawing is often useless without a tolerance, yet there is no clear way to display several dimension limits in an associative/parametric repeat region table.  More than 80% of the time we have to break the associativity with the model, turning the table into dumb text (i.e. breaking the connection with the model) simply because we cannot display tolerance limits! 

It strikes me as ironic (and frustrating) that PTC's (Note that P stands for PARAMETRIC) 3D design parametric software still cannot display parametric driving dimensions on an Engineering Family Drawing in a repeat region table thus requiring the user to break the parametric dimension into dump text; which is always a bad practice for any dimension!  What is a design without tolerance?  Often the difference between cheap junk and a high quality long lasting product.

Please add this useful functionality to Creo

Thank you!



A knowledge base article was written for ProE 2001 that there was no way to display tolerance limits in a FT and therefore 2-d repeat region in an associative way. It suggested a work around by using relations and then inserting each limit dimension as its own family table column based of of the plus-minus tolerance. It has been over 10 years, 2 'revolutionary' releases and over 7 Product significant releases.  Yet this aspect still not improved.

Reference: Document - TPI 123115


Looks like it was an oversight.  Indeed, these tables should show the same thing as you would show on the drawing face.  Shouldn't be too difficult to "correct", PTC. 



I am hoping someone at PTC (who can fix the problem) recognizes this mistake as well.  We are frequently still breaking the associative connection to the model in order to show tolerances...but cannot stand using dumb text when the table should be able to be parametric and model driven!


I am commenting on this again because manufacturing just found a dumb text table (in order to show the specific tolerances) that did not match the model.  The dwg that was approved was correct but the model itself was wrong.  I even put a parametric table right next to it and had trouble seeing which one was wrong.

Would you have caught this amidst several other dimensions?  Here are some modified example dims, can you immediately see if all nominal values are correct?:

Now we have to go back and correct this.  If PTC would just allow us to use tolerances we would be eliminating this entire category of errors and dumb text redundancy!

PTC please allow us to create a parametric, model driven FT with tolerances rather than forcing us to use dumb text!  Creo Parametric is a parametric program, right!?   And if it is not too much trouble make it User friendly/intuitive and easy to modify...but above all please give the ability!  Thanks!


I too have issues with this. It’s very disappointing
that this does not work!

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