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Dragger in the Cross section

Dragger in the Cross section

In the new Creo 2.0 Version M050 it´s possible to set in the Cross section the Dragger.

The Dragger allows to change the position in different directions.

The value of the changes wont´t be saved.

When I go out of menu and again (edit definition) in, the Value is don´t set.

If the changes are accidently saved from the "Dragger", I don´t see it in the "View Manager".

The changes from the Dragger are set also in the drawing.

Some users make use of the Dragger to see details of the part or the assembly, like the "visibilities" tool in Wildfire 4

It should be a small Icon in the View Manager, that shows me the cross section is changed with the Dragger.

Or the values from the changes from the Dragger should be modifiable.Dragger_1.pngView_manager.pngDragger_2.png


A great topic!


must have!

Status changed to: Acknowledged
Status changed to: Clarification Needed



I want to make sure I understand the issue. This is only a problem with the 3D dragger, correct? And the issue is that when I move the dragger laterally or rotationally, the distance that I move it doesn't persist when I save the section. Is that accurate?


So for example, if I rotate the 3D dragger 45 degrees and save the section, when I go to edit the section, the 45 degrees isn't displayed. Indeed, when I go to rotate the 3D dragger again, the angle given is relative to it's starting point from the saved section rather than relative to the original starting point of the 3D dragger. 


Essentially, then, the request is for the 3D dragger to reference something like a CSYS datum such that any changes in the position of the dragger would be done relative to that datum, allowing the value to be edited later on. 


Have I summed it up correctly, or am I entirely missing the point?