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Drawing Default Symbol Placement Type

Drawing Default Symbol Placement Type

The default symbol placement type always reverts to FREE every time the custom drawing symbol dialog is opened or another symbol name is picked.  I almost NEVER want a FREE symbol.  Far and away the most frequently used placement type is OFFSET.  I have picked OFFSET so many thousands of times it's not funny. 

It would be wonderful if I could control the default placement type with a option.  Even better would be if Pro/E would remember what I just did with the last symbol or the last time I opened the dialog box.  This minor change alone could eliminate several hundred unnecessary mouse picks a week.

23-Emerald IV

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By the way, we get around this limitation by recording a mapkey for each of our symbols that pre-selects the placement type we want to use for that symbol.

23-Emerald II

I like the default being FREE as that is what we use.

If the change is implemented as a option for default placement, then I vote yes.

If the change changes the default without giving us a setting, then I would vote no.

Rememebring the last used setting within that session of Creo would be nice, too.


First, the default placement type should be an attribute that can be defined within the symbol. Then have a setting to determine additional behavior options.  Suggested options:  by_symbol (default), last_used, free, offset, leader, etc.

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