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Export Results from the Find/Search Tool

Export Results from the Find/Search Tool

We would like to use a combination of Mapkeys and Batch Files to review models that ModelCheck can not do. Some of these checks require the results of very specific and complicated searches using the FIND/SEARCH tool. We would love if we could export these results so that the Batch file can analyze it. Currently there is no functionality to export these results.

Thank you!



As a work around, you might want to try the following:

  1. In the search dialog under options, check the "Filter Tree" option.
  2. Run your search as normal, and select the items.
  3. While the search dialog is still open, go to the model tree and save the tree to a text file via Save Model Tree.

You should now have a file with just the "searched" items listed (for parts), although you may have some indented items for groups, patterns, etc. that may require additional filtering.  If your model tree also lists the feature # and ID, you should be able to get all the info you need to examine individual items.

Not sure if this will work well with large assembly files though as you end up with an indented list of model names included along with the features which may or may not be helpful.

Can you please expand further on what information you'd need in the exported list, and whether it should be configurable or not?


Dan N.



Yes... we do this when we can. For instance, we are looking for:

  • Dimensions that are being used as a draft/radius, but not in a draft/radius feature
  • Assembly models with constraints using dimensions of 0 offset instead of coincident


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