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Fix dynamic editing of model dimensions while in "orthographic" views

Fix dynamic editing of model dimensions while in "orthographic" views

I propose that the fix should be issued for the peculiar behaviour where Creo Parametric does not display feature's section dimensions (and their corresponding dynamic drag "handles").  This often happens when the feature editing is initiated when the model is being viewed from an "orthographic" direction.  This general behaviour makes it difficult to dynamically edit the design, and contributes to my feeling that with the Creo UI, the early stages of design process are a slow, tedious and painful experience.

I will illustrate this with an example of a 1-2-3 block that is made by sketching a rectangle of width 1 and height 2 on the front plane, and then extruded 3 in the -Z direction.  I annotated the block with 3 cosmetic sketches that illustrate the location of the camera during editing:

hard_to_edit_example - block definition.png

If you are viewing this model in the FRONT view and initiate the edit command, then you subsequently can change all three dimensions (in fact, if in my section the two dimensions were not locked, then I could also drag the rectangle to a desired shape).  This is very good;  however, if you are, for instance, in the RIGHT view, then initiating the edit will only make the depth dimension of 3 available for changing / dragging:

hard_to_edit_example - editing.png

This is rather very annoying because the section dimensions will not "show up" until you change the camera angle, then click on another feature and then click back on the BLOCK feature.

I understand the circumstances that are required for this to happen - if the feature's section is orthogonal to the current view, then the system chooses not to display its dimensions.

I argue, however, that it would always be more useful if the section dimensions just showed up, kind of like what happens here:

hard_to_edit_example - workaround.png

At least I can double-click and change one of them and see what happens.  Unfortunately, the section dimensions will then disappear from this view and so this work-around is not good.

So basically, in Creo, you waste a lot of time and build up your frustration level.  This example used the extrude feature, but it's the same story elsewhere - the UI is in your way when editing features such as revolves and datum points constructed with the offset coordinate system.

In my opinion, changing the design should be should be a more playful and dynamic experience.

The system should be smart enough to recognize that the "2" dimension for the height of my 1-2-3 block should be dynamically editable from the RIGHT view.

Or that a revolve feature, which section happens to be orthogonal to the current view can usually be dynamically edited by simply presenting to the user the section rotated by 90 degrees about it's axis of revolution...

Or that a datum point made offset to the default coordinate system, when edited in the TOP view - it should be moveable dynamically in the XZ plane, and not just in one direction at a time.

And have you ever tried to dynamically edit a coordinate system that is offset from another one?  I mean, from one of these "orthographic" directions?  That can almost cause you to lose your mind - the handles are there but I think it's just to taunt you...

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