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Floating GENERAL Toolbar

Floating GENERAL Toolbar

Recommend a floating GENERAL Toolbar similar to the Quick Access Toolbar utilizing small icons only.

The difference for this toolbar would be to include using any command regardless of applicability to the current session.  If the current session cannot use a command in the toolbar, the icon is grayed out rather than removed. 

This toolbar would not require editing for each mode such as one configuration for assemblies and another for drawings.

The fact that the toolbar remains "constant" would make picking commands much easier than the dynamic toolbars currently provided. 

In addition, the toolbar would be easier to manage as it would remain constant regardless of application.

Personally, I could see an entire strip of small icons all the way across the screen anchored just above the message line(s).

As a bonus; if the current tab is on "annotation" and you pick a "modeling" command on the GENERAL Toolbar, the ribbon would switch to the Modeling tab and open the command picked on the GENERAL toolbar.


The fully static bar isn't even a requirement for me. It's not the end of the world for me to have to set up the same bar a couple-few times. Customization time doesn't bother me at all, the time gained in workflow is what I want.

And also like I said in the other thread, fully customizable graphics toolbar!



yes, all this debate has got to come to a middle ground to satisy both types of users.


I like this idea but would like it even more if we had the option of where to fix this toolbar (floating, top of the screen, left, right, bottom, etc).


Yes, this would be perfect!  Floating, but dockable.  Multiple floating toolbars would be great too.


There should be some way to limit the size of this, maybe with a config.  Otherwise I can see some users needing a whole screen just for this floating toolbar.

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