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Fully support of an "Inheritance feature" in an MBD world by REUSE Feature

Fully support of an "Inheritance feature" in an MBD world by REUSE Feature

Inside an MBD world a full annotated model is the basic for a digital production. How do we handle REUSE feature from other models or out of a library? OK, Merge is a nice solution, and is supporting the digital MBD approach 100%, if there is no dimension or features which need to get changed or modified or suppressed. As soon as a merged library part get modified, it's not a standards library file anymore (inside Windchill) and need to get copied and renamed. A variable reuse of feature is missing inside CREO. More and more library parts are similar and can be used in different sizes, that’s a kind of flexible library reuse part. Inheritance Feature is the answer for it. But there are some limitations inside an inheritance feature, because it’s working complete different as a merge feature. The idea of an inheritance feature is to make a reuse feature flexible and possible to modify.

First, some advantages of an inheritance feature:

  1. Dimension modification during placement
  2. suppress feature,
  3. modify parameters
  4. An Inheritance feature is like a flexible reuse of single or multiple features which are fully annotated and can be stored inside a write protected library
  5. Without loosing the reference to its base model

But there are also a lot of disadvantages, which will block every company to use inheritance feature for a flexible reuse approach.

What needs to get changed to support an inheritance feature to fulfil MBD inside a digital thread.

  1. Datum System can cause issues and conflicts, here it should use the same solution as MERGE feature
  2. Datum symbol cannot get moved to another position
  3. GD&T annotations are uncomfortable to move
  4. Colors out of the library model (base) should get transferred
  5. In case of pattern, datum system is wrong. Here each pattern instance needs his unique datum system. Creo should rename for each pattern instance the datum symbols and relations to corresponding GD&T tolerances. Like Merge is doing. A Datum sysmbol is unique
  6. Inheritance should support a pattern ISO GPS conform by using correct Datums

PTC need to modify inheritance feature to work the same way as a merge feature. Without those requested changes, a reuse of feature in a flexible way is not possible. Merge is no solution here to support flexible inheritance features for an automated and controled reuse process.


Some more points, feedback of other companies.

  • Not possible to create a Annotation Element with a driving dimension coming from the base model.
  • Not possible to create a datum symbol with an Annotation Element  coming from the base model.
  • Not possible to select in a Geom Tol  a datum symbol coming from the base model .
  • PMI coming from the base model and displayed in the inheritance model are not exported in STEP AP242.
Status changed to: Acknowledged