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Graph multiple measures in Mechanica/Creo Simulate

Graph multiple measures in Mechanica/Creo Simulate

Ever since Rasna wrote Mechanica about 20 years ago, it has only been possible to plot 1 measure per graph in Mechanica results. I think it is about time this changed and it was possible to plot multiple measures in a Mechanica results graph, instead of having to go through the painful process of creating them one by one and exporting each one into Excel and then cutting and pasting them all into one Excel spreadsheet and then graphing them in Excel. Clearly no PTC programmer has ever tried to run a 'real' Mechanica analysis and look at multiple measures, or it would have changed years ago


same - I don't think anyone at PTC ever used these tools - and yet as an analyst you have to go thru these dialog boxes endlessly.

You should be able to copy and paste data out of the graph window straight into EXCEL without all the thrash

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A workaround: using Paint.NET I quite often overlay two graphs:

  • Set the same axes (assuming the measure have the same units!) then plot each measure in the same window - using different colours for each
  • Screenshot each graph and paste into Paint.NET, the first as a new image (Ctrl+Alt+V) and subsequent ones as new layers (Ctrl+Shift+V)
  • Use the eraser tool to make areas of the top layer(s) transparent, to show the curves underneath
  • Use the select and move tools to move the legends to different places; use eraser if necessary to show other legends underneath
  • Flatten the image; crop it, invert it and posterise it as required before pasting into your report.

Yes, still clunky but workable for the occasional overlay.


I would go a big further.


For those that works with LDA you will find a file in the result (where the steps are) called “XXXX.c01”.

This contains all the results for each step.


Unfortunately, it is another of the Creo result files “no so user friend for Excel”. Importing it means a lot of handwork – or a homemade script.


With that data you would be much free to create plots and combine graphs in an external program.

Today it is still quicker to export some Creo graphs as Excel and there combine the results than work directly with this file.


Sad that this was never implemented – I don´t think that should be a big effort for PTC.

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