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Help Document Task Force: Creo updates

Help Document Task Force: Creo updates

It is becoming obvious that help for Creo 1.0 and 2.0 is seriously lacking.

Many of the references are still using WF references and menu terminology.

I have spent days trying to understand something that is right there in front of me only because I tried using the help system that was steering me into oblivion.

I recommend a task force dedicated to the help system with full visibility and cooperation of the user community.

This effort should provide an easy process to log a problem/oversight and a system providing feedback to the submission acknowledgement.

The biggest boost to upgrading the help system must come from the PTC tech support system.  When a call is placed regarding insufficient or inaccurate help data, there must be a mandate to log these issues with this task force. 

Help is the UI to the application.  Figures, examples and verbose discussions have waned into obscurity.  A help system should be the front line for the creative process by maintaining perspective and momentum only followed by product support where the help system is insufficient. 

This idea is open to changes by anyone.


I totally agree with you, Antonius!

The help center/help system for a long time has been neglected by PTC - it's time for a change.



Thank you for starting this idea.  When logging a case are you aware that once you have selected the product you can set the technical area to Help Center where you can file issues.  A case number will be assigned and you can track the fix the same as any other case you file with PTC techsupport.

This capability was introduced around 6 months ago.

06-07-2012 12-25-55.png

Does this satisfy your requirement???


A change is happening, it will not happen quickly, but it will happen.

Antonius, Domenic and anyone else

Would you like to take part in some remote usability testing to (a) provide feedback on the current system (b) provide feedback on some ideas PTC are proposing and (c) to propose additional ideas?

All you require is an internet connection and a phone and around 30 minutes of your time.

If this UXD testing is of interest then please contact me via e-mail (-) and I will add you to the list


I was not aware of the help section of support cases.  Thank you for pointing this out.

I have several cases open with regard to help and documentation and they seem to be the slowest to respond although they were submitted under a functional catagory.  I will be sure to make better use of this entry.

I would certainly participate in improving this area.  I sent you an email.

I would like to leave this idea open for others to add their comments and ideas for the help system in general.

Community Manager
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