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Here are some new Ideas I would like to introduce

Here are some new Ideas I would like to introduce


I have some ideas egarding creo parametric software. Here are these.

1) Associative sketch pattern and option to break the associativity can be incorporated in creo sketch like feature pattern. No other cad softwares except solidworks have this feature.

2) Creating helical curve can be more easier in creo if there is an option call helical curve or helix is incorporated in creo part modeling.

3) Creo material table can be updated with no. Materials increased.

4) Conversion and getting feature list and histrory when anyone is opening igs , stp other formats and Multi cad data as part or assembly can be much simpler.

5) Creo sheetmetal unbend option generally doesnot work for complex blend, sweep and swept blend sheetmetal parts. This option is still not updated in creo 3.0.

6) If one tries to explode assembly parts and want to put finite value from part to part - that option in creo is not present in explode tool and edit position in Creo.

7) Mechanism portion is creo is very unique and mechanical engineering related but there are no help tutorials regarding this in learning excchange.

Creo help can be updated regarding this.

😎 There are no new shapes in creo sketch palette since many versions. New mechanical related shapes can be incorporated in creo sketch palette.

9) In creo drawing one has to draw pitch circle or bolt circle dia any oprtion which will autonatically create bolt circle dia and center axis will be very helpful for creo users.

10) Creo consumes lot of computerRAM and high quality graphic card is required to make this software lightweight  can be very beneficial for normal pc users.

11) In creo part modelling one can create only one hole in a single hole feature but in other cad softwares like solidworks or solidedge one can create multiple associated holes in one single hole feature.There is no need to pattern holes everytime.So multiple associative holes in a single hole features can be incorporated.

These are the points that I find very helpful if implemented. I still don't know if I can reach actual ptc employees who can discuss themselves regarding these issues. But I am interested to know more about this.

I support each and every idea in this page.

Sapphire II

Ideas are most helpful if they are done one idea per post. Users vote on ideas in an effort to get PTC's program managers attention.

Also, this idea is in the "Performance Advisor for PTC Creo" section of the forum. You would get much more attention if it was in the Creo section.

Sapphire II

Also, you may want to search for existing ideas prior to posting. Many, many product suggestions already exist and adding duplicate ideas only dilutes the voting.

You can get there this way:

Creo - All Content - Ideas  Creo


Greetings Soumya Bhattacharya

Stephen Williams advice is sound:

  1. Please have one idea per post - would you please create the new ideas?  You may also add links here to those ideas
  2. Please vote for your own ideas 🙂
  3. Please let me know if you need any assistance

For community members, please do not vote on this idea as it will not be clear what idea you are supporting.

Thank you Soumya for your suggestions.



Hi ,

Creo section is not available when I search section. why?

Hi StephenWilliams2  and Tmetcalf ,

I support each and every idea in this post. I have 11 ideas . Should I have to post one by one? where ? because only section is available is performance advisor and smarttopics other sections are locked??

Hi all,

Should i have to post 11 times to post 11 ideas? Posting seems complicated. Can it not be bit easy for users?

Topaz I

Few will vote Yes on all of them and they may have comments, which will pile up, making reading through them all more complicated than necessary.

To get an accurate result on  which ones are valued most they need to be separate.

Are you under maintenance? That affects where you can create an idea.



could you please move this idea under Creo section?



you have to search if a similar idea already exists.then you can vote for it.

there are thousands of ideas here.    

Some ideas are given to the PTC technical committee.

Link below.

PTC/USER Portal : PTC/USER - Support, Educate, Advocate

But you have to have patience.These thinks take lot of time.

You will surely meet PTC Product Managers in here.

All the best!

Sapphire II

Yes. Each "idea" should be it's own post. Each idea is voted on by the user base in hopes of getting the attention of the managers at PTC who control the resources to make the software upgrades. As with any business, resources and time are limited so each product enhancement is weighed on it's value, time it will take to incorporate, money it will cost to incorporate, and other considerations.

Some of your suggestion are already ideas or current functionality. I did not search for all of them here are

5.) Sheetmetal: "Bend back" and "Unbend" for conic shapes with chamfers

9.) Turn on drawing setup option Radial_pattern_axis_circle

10.) Creo is a high end software that requires high end computer equipment to run. PTC has, in the past, worked specifically on performance  issues to reduce RAM usage. I assume that during upgrades, they monitor performance and optimize the software as necessary to perform as well as possible on their minimum required hardware specifications.

There are tons of great ideas already posted. The snapshot below are the top special attention to #3. It's my favorite!!

Hi all,

I don't know if I am under maintenance or why some portions are locked while posting a new idea in ptc community for me?

I think it can be based on community points. I have 195 points. I am a comparatively new user in this community.

I also have other ideas in creo after these 11 points. What should I do?


With regards,



Will do Marco - to Creo it goes.


Good day Soumya,

To post within Creo, please click here Creo

I understand why asking for 11 separate ideas is confusing and that it adds work for you.

By adding each idea separately, members can vote for that idea; if you have  multiple ideas within one discussion, it is not clear what you are voting for.

It is also easier to PTC Product Management to triage each idea.

Please let me know if I can answer other questions.



Sapphire II

Toby Metcalf‌ can help you sort out if you're permissions. It is based on maintenance. It is definitely not based on points.


Hi Soumaya - you will need to upgrade your account to participate and can do so with this link