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ISO surface finish symbols follow the ISO 1302:2002 standard

ISO surface finish symbols follow the ISO 1302:2002 standard

Refer to

Creo 3.0 ISO surface finish symbols still follow the ISO 1302:2001 standard, please meet ISO 1302:2002 standard in Creo 4.0


I read TS article.

It's unbelievable that they said "Working to Specifications" if the norm/rule has changed.

I think it's ISO that can decide to change an international rule not PTC and, when new rule comes, every CAD SW MUST apply new rule.


It only took 4 years to come to this conclusion so it will likely take another 4 years to even commence to consider revising the current functionality. 

Seriously, this one should have been escalated 3 years ago.  Since it is just now changed status, it should still be escalated. 

PTC has been way to lax in maintaining evolving standards since inception of Pro|Engineer.  It is almost like we get a light version of a function but no commitment to a full version.  If you want this, you have to follow their lead and create it yourself with your own custom symbols.  This is one of the most glaring oversights in development priority that gives credence to competitors.

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I don't understand it. We're still using Creo 2.0, and in Creo 2.0 the surface finish symbol in the System Syms folder has the description "ISO Surface Texture Symbols per ISO 1302-1978(E)".

Does this mean that PTC updated this symbol in Creo 3.0 to the 2001 version? But if that's correct, why didn't they update this symbol to the latest 2002 version?

Edit 1:

To make things even more complicated: In the ISO 1302-2002(E) document is written in the Foreword: "This fourth edition cancels and replaces the third edition (ISO 1302:1992), which has been technically revised" Which means that according to ISO itself, there has never been a 2001 version....

This is also confirmed on this page at (check revisions).

Edit 2:

The ISO 1302-2002(E) document also states:

The evolution of drawing indications for surface texture requirements from former editions of ISO 1302 to this, the

fourth, edition is illustrated in Table I.1.

It is important to recognize that at any given time, the detailed interpretation of the graphical symbols in ISO 1302 is

covered by surface texture standards other than ISO 1302. The different editions of ISO 1302 refer to specific

International Standards:

  • ISO 1302:2001, 4th edition, refers to the surface texture standards issued in 1996 and 1997;
  • ISO 1302:1992, 3rd edition, refers to the surface texture standards issued around 1980.
  • ISO 1302:1978 and prior editions had ISO/R 468:1966 as the only other relevant standard of reference, and contained no details of importance to the interpretation of the symbols (see also footnotes c and d to Table I.1).

I'm starting to think that ISO 1302:2001 and ISO 1302:2002 are in fact the same standards.....

Edit 3:

We got a confirmation from the Dutch ISO representation that the text "ISO 1302:2001" in the ISO 1302-2002(E) document is a typo. ISO 1302-2001 does not exist and ISO 1302:2002, 4th edition is the current standard.

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We just tested Creo 3.0, and the symbol in the Systems Folder still has the description "ISO Surface Texture Symbols per ISO 1302-1978(E)". It is still the same as in Creo 2.0 (and all prior Creo and Wildfire versions).

How is it possible that (one of the) best CAD programs in the world works still has symbols which are decades out-of-date?

So the request to PTC is:

  1. Update the surface roughness symbol in the System Syms folder to the latest edition of ISO 1302, which is ISO1302-2002(E), 4th edition.
  2. Make the "Surface Finish" button in the Annotate toolbar point to the symbol in the System Syms folder, instead of the present, hopelessly outdated, symbol.

Very disappointed for PTC , this enhancement is NOT added into Creo 4.0.

It seems PTC only focus something about IOT, don't care Creo and Windchill at all.


I have seen several comments from PTC personnel pointing out the need to investigate suggested ideas to make sure they follow industry standards.   But PTC doesn't seem to react when ISO publishes the standard.  Makes you wonder where your maintenance $ are really being spent...


We modernized key annotations such as datum feature symbols, datum targets, GTOLs and dimensions in Creo 4.0 and brought them onto a new semantic architecture. In Creo 5.0 we further worked on rounding out MBD capabilities. Tackling the remaining annotations including Surface Finishes and other Symbols in on the list to be considered in the planning for future releases.


It might just be me but I do not rely on PTC to supply symbols unless their applications call for them (MBD, etc.).  In this case they indeed should be available up to the latest specifications.  Otherwise my expectation is for PTC to support symbols created by my company to be used in their applications if requirements are met.  This is NOT the case with weld symbols.  All of this of course means grinding through the use of the less than stellar symbol gallery/editor. 

Status changed to: Acknowledged
Status changed to: Under Consideration

Amazed by the agility of the PTC - 2 years to realize the obvious!
This gives hope that in 2-4 years we will have the ISO 1302-2002 (E) roughness symbol !!!
Great job PTC, keep up the good work!

Status changed to: Delivered

This symbol, as well as other standard surface finish symbols are now available with Creo 9.0 

This was done as part of the overall modernization that we have done for surface finish annotations in that release 


@Mfridman Any change / possibility to back port these symbols to earlier Creo versions?


We're still using Creo 7.