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Ideas for Creo Parametric.

Ideas for Creo Parametric.

Hello Here are some ideas fro Creo Parametric.

  • Highlight in color parent features.

One generation is enough for quickly Identify the references. It can be option and or fixed when one feature is selected or failed regeneration for example.

  • Add index for dimensions in technical drawing. Prefex index could be automated for a group of dimensions. (maybe also a way to show driving and driven dimensions).
  • Easier access to parents/children of a part.
  • Image for easier recognition of items in "pick from list" window.
  • Colors (appearance) to be in layer or as feature. Color library for RAL Pantone etc.
  • Trace sketch.
  • On/off cross section within drawing or feature, easier access to cross section.

For Trace Sketch, if you are referring to what used to be inside ISDX, it can now be found in "regular" Creo under Images.

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Alexander Papadopoulos

You may want to vote on your own idea....  

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Hello Susie.

I meant auto trace. I know it cant work perfectly since its hard to control the input but still it could be handy to have quick auto trace of image > Splines > Edit Splines.

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Hello Rosema.

I don't find reasonable to vote my own idea.

If there are people really pay attention to this section and they find those ideas quite handy I'm sure they will be considered in some way or form.

another small bullets.

  • option to select all failed references inside features. Example after editing some surfaces, merge fail because of lost references So it will be nice to just select the failed and delete them.
  • It will be nice to switch on/off existing cross sections inside sketch or other features.

Or even better separate window or access for cross sections so no need to scroll down every time especially when you edit your sketches through assembly.

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