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Improve the text editor

Improve the text editor

Let's have these functionalities:

  • use numbering and bullets
  • apply tabs and indentation
  • line spacing
  • not loose formatting when the note is resized
  • apply formatting from the the same tab that the text is enter in instead of having to select the "text style" tab to apply formatting
  • have a keyboard shortcut such as CTRL+Enter that will close the text editor; editing multiple notes and always having to drag the cursor to the OK button is a waste

Can you clarify where you'd like to improve the text editor? Which specific feature are you working with in Windchill?


The text editor needs improvement in drawings.


Worst text editor ever. Needs to work with Microsoft to implement native MS Word functionalities.

Sapphire II

Old Chinese proverb: "Be careful of what you wish for."

Community Manager
Status changed to: Acknowledged

"use numbering and bullets"

Also need the easy way to set a link to line number in notes, symbols, etc. With auto update. If the number of line will changed then the number in linked note must be updated.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

PTC continues to work on modernizing areas of Creo to newer technology and infrastructure.  One example is our graphing tools in Creo.  This was addressed in a recent release of Creo to improve the overall usability to graphs in Creo.  The text editor is another areas that need to be modernized to support the demand of our users.  Once addressed, this will be used in all areas of Creo that utilizes text editing.  This enhancement has been added to the roadmap to be addressed in a future release of Creo.


Mark Fischer

Sr. Director, CAD Product Management