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Inheritance Layer Management same as Base Model

Inheritance Layer Management same as Base Model

When you create an Inheritance Feature, all the entities that were contained in a layer in the base model, in the inherited model are all visible and not contained in any layer. Moreover the user is not allowed to put any feature contained within the inheritance feature in a layer (CREO warns you that "Cannot select feature from Inherited model in this context").


This affect negatively the view management display (expecially in drawing mode).

It would be usefull if the inherited model could inherit also the layer structure in some way (as a subnode layer, for example).


Since you can have multiple inheritance features in a single file, which inheritance feature is going to drive the layers?


Hi Daniel,

good question. Maybe should be managed more or less as the layers in assembly context(layer with same name nested in a sort of group) like in this example:


Optionally they could be treated as shown in the following figure:


Let me know what do you think about that.




Great idea. Currently same name Layers are transferred from the Base model to the Target model via the Inheritance. Changing the layers in the Base will update accordingly in the Target model. This is a good thing.


My issue is that a Sketch Feature  on a Layer in the Base model is transferred to the Target model as multiple Curve Entities, not as a Sketch Feature.

  • A single Sketch feature may contain multiple Sketch Entities which means I often have thousands of Curve Entities on the layer in my Target model. Not good.

If I add a Sketch Feature to the layer in my Base model, I want to see the same Sketch Feature in my Target model layer also, not Curve Entities.




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