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Kinematic information exchange via STEP AP242 XML-format

Kinematic information exchange via STEP AP242 XML-format

1. Describe your environment: What is your industry? What is your role in your organization? Describe your stakeholders.
We are an OEM car manufacturer; 500+ CAD-users; I´m responsible for CAD methodology.
Stakeholders for this topic are e.g. our poduction process planning department and corresponding suppliers (tool and machinery makers) and design departments.

2. What version of Creo Parametric are you currently running?
7 & 8

3. Describe the problem you are trying to solve. Please include detailed documentation such as screenshots, images or video.

In various applications, the presentation and execution of kinematics are essentual components in order to be able to make the right decisions (e.g. mockup visualization). Often, different software with their own proprietary data formats are used. So far, this often leads to the manual and subsequent implementation of the kinematics for each application.  To avoid huge additional effort and data inconsistencies along the process, it would be a great benefit to use the neutral data format STEP AP242 XML in creo to transfer  kinematic information between different software products.

4. What is the use case for your organization?
Uniformed data kinematic exchange between different software applications and parties

5. What business value would your suggestion represent for your organization?
Kinematic information available throughout whole process chain
Less manual effort for reworking data at system-switches (different software)
No data inconsistencies as using unique data format even in case of system-switches

Community Manager
Status changed to: Acknowledged

Thank you @rklesch for your idea and welcome to the PTC Community. Based on the information you provided, we are acknowledging it as the Community management team. This is not a commitment from the Product team. Other users may comment and vote your idea up.


Thank you @rklesch for the great idea and for the clear documentation. This is a very interesting point that many other Creo users are very interested in. Too bad I can only vote once.


I agree, and had already proposed such idea, even though I know it would not depend only on PTC, but also on the other CAD vendors. But one of them has to make the first step to propose it to the STEP commitee after a beta successuful implementation in it's own software (exporting a mechanism and importing it back) and making it still work.


@S_Edgenear: Thnaks a lot! Exactly, same opinion here. We know that this isn´t trivial. E.g. software solutions differ in their own structures and methods to store placement and kinematic information.

Even more, it would be great to convince PTC to participate a little more in the mentioned STEP commitee / working groups. Some other vendors already have shown their solutions. Of course, compatibility and standardization are the ultimate objects for this point.

Thanks and best regards!