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Legend levels, define in definition window

Legend levels, define in definition window

Creo simulate, pro/mechanica structure, it's alway been the case that when you define a fringe or contour result window, the legend levels are defined automatically.

When you're doing a project, with the umpteenth variation  of your subject, you know that you always want to use a typical range. Still the only way is to generate the fringe plot and edit the levels afterwards, after which simulate regenerates the window, which takes time.

Especially in animatred fringes, with many frames,. regenerating the animation takes an enormous amount of time.

In creo 3.0 this happens twice, once for the maximum level value after editing, once for the minimum level.

Please provide the option to define the legend levels in the definition window.

23-Emerald II

Erik Haenen

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this is just another case of interface selection options not sticking in CREO3

Someone needs to review Simulate and in particular the Results section and sort this out ...

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