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Make it possible to drive THREAD_SERIES and SCREW_SIZE by family table

Make it possible to drive THREAD_SERIES and SCREW_SIZE by family table

When you want to add a standard hole in your family table, you can't use the dimension in direct way.

You must :

  • Override the dimension
    Note:  Hole annotations will not be accurate for this workaround
    • Add configuration option hole_diameter_override = yes
    • Add the diameter dimension symbol d# to family table using the Other at Add item type.
  • Create multiple hole features and suppress all but the desired one for each instance.

In the first case the note don't be synchronise with the dimensions and in the second you can't put a screw inside without adaptation.

So it will be more easy if CREO allows us to use a parameter to choose a standard hole and after to change it with a family table.

It seems it's easiest way is to drive THREAD_SERIES and SCREW_SIZE by family table


Lorsque vous souhaitez ajouter un trou standard dans votre table de famille, vous ne pouvez pas utiliser la dimension de manière directe.

Vous devez:

  • Ignorer la dimension
    Remarque: les annotations de trous ne seront pas précise pour cette solution de contournement
    • Ajouter option de configuration hole_diameter_override = yes
    • Ajouter la dimension de diamètre symbole d # à la table de famille à l'aide "other" dans Ajouter type d'élément.
  • Créer de multiples fonctions de perçage et de les supprimer tous, sauf celui désiré pour chaque instance.

Dans le premier cas la note ne se synchronise pas avec les dimensions et dans le second vous ne pouvez pas insérer une vis sans adaptation.

Ainsi, il serait plus agréable si CREO nous permettait d'utiliser un paramètre pour choisir un trou standard et après de le changer avec une table de famille.

Il semble que le plus simple est de piloter le tableau de la famille par THREAD_SERIES et SCREW_SIZE


please give brief information on that.

i try it but couldn't create.


You can see the resolution at but this solution is not realy usefull.


I have opened a case for this:

I suggested support to consider it as a functionality deficiency for Hole>screw feature size not supported with family table, they should have tested it while implementing the hole feature in the functionality

ptc to look at it as bug, since the family table functionality is expected to work fine with all kind of features parameters, and more over the size is some thing which is much more likely for calling in to family instance


One thing to clarify from technical point of view:

Adding the dimensions to the family table will not be possible, as they are driven by the hole parameters that are read from the hole table information. What is already possible, is to add these parameters as feature parameters to the family table, e.g. DRILL_DIAMETER or THREAD_DIAMETER.

But these two parameters, like most of them, are driven themselves.

The only driving parameters from the hole table (that can be set in the hole dashboard by the user), are THREAD_SERIES and SCREW_SIZE

But unfortunately even those two parameters get overwritten by the generic values, when the family table is verified.

So for this Product Idea to have any realistic chance of becoming implemented, we should agree to this re-phrasing:

Make it possible to drive THREAD_SERIES and SCREW_SIZE by family table.

(The other parameters will be still available as read-only values in the family table)


I can't open  your link but i suppose that it was the same case.

I hope that our ideas could be take in account in the next release.


Yes, this is more clarifying the issue and we should agree to this re-phrasing,

Make it possible to drive THREAD_SERIES and SCREW_SIZE by family table.

Hope when the product development takes it up, they should reach to this easily,

There is no reason why this idea be not implemented on priority, since not having it will be functionality exception


Below Gunter Koch clarifies it more clearly with the issue, can u give your point, to sync with the description of the idea:

Make it possible to drive THREAD_SERIES and SCREW_SIZE by family table.

drive THREAD_SERIES and SCREW_SIZE by family table. ‌Exactly, make it a drop-down selection in the table (similar to the selection box when using 'replace using family member' in assembly table. The drop-down would have a list of all the thread sizes, exactly like the ones listed in the Hole Command
Status changed to: Acknowledged
Status changed to: Under Consideration

We are currently working on infrastructural enhancements that are required as a basis for this capability.  We hope to be able to then tackle this family table requirement still within the Creo 8.0 development cycle. As we make  sufficient progress with the infrastructure and start tackling this the overall capability, I will update the status of this idea.


Until today, this has not been implemented, such an important function to automate much easier.

Why does PTC not accept such good suggestions?