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Make the Creo Parametric Merge feature work like components in an assembly.

Make the Creo Parametric Merge feature work like components in an assembly.

Currently the Creo Parametric Merge (external Merge and Merge/Inheritance) feature is not fully compatible with Windchill/PDMLink (WC).  Please make it work correctly inside PDMLink.

Like an assembly, a merge features reference other components.  However, unlike an assembly if these components are updated, Creo shows them as un-regenerated BECAUSE PDMLink locks the object containing the merge and doesn't allow it to show the latest.  There are some config options that attempt to address this but after extensive testing and Calls with PTC they do not work (or are inconsistent).

This is NOT a Creo issue, because if you go offline (outside of WC), everything works perfectly because the object containing the merge is not locked.  It is the fact that apparently WC currently does not recognize when the merge feature is used and pulling in references from other models and therefore does not take the latest version, or if it does then it shows regeneration errors.  Windchill does not currently know which versions to pull into the WS and how to regenerate.  WC prevents objects from being modified or checked out if they are at a released state, so in order to fix this regeneration error there is a significant amount of work (WC and emailing back and forth) for the user and the admin to fix it without having to do a Change Notice (which would be worse).  E.g.

  1. User finds problem and emails the P/N and reason to change to the Admin who sets state from Production Released to in work
  2. Admin searches in PDMLink finds object and sets state.  Admin emails user back
  3. User regenerates and checks in.
  4. User creates Promo Req. with a description of what they did
  5. User emails Promo Req name back to admin using the same email string.
  6. Admin reviews objects on Promo Req and the comments, then forwards email to the official WC approver.
  7. Approver receives email, Reviews and approves promo req and emails notification back to Admin.

This is a whole lot of clicks, searches, and typing.  This happens every time a component which uses a Merge feature (whose base had been regenerated) is used in an assembly. Why don't we just update all the objects which contain a Merge reference in it when the base component is changed?  We do when the change is significant but most changes are not significant from a model perspective (could have been a drawing only change) and don't require where they are use to be updated.  Because of high Part Reuse this explodes very quickly from a maintenance perspective.

Imagine if WC was not compatible with assemblies in the same way and every time you updated a component you had to change all the assemblies where that component is used in!  It would not be a usable system.  For Assemblies WC gives us the option when adding to the Workspace (WS) to add as stored, latest, Promo Req, etc and we can even set one of these as a system default.  Merges need to work in a similar way to be compatible with WC!

Alternative options to merge features were previously discussed in the very long thread, but it really comes down to Creo Parametric not being fully supported.

Regeneration errors in Merged Parts/Assemblies?

I understand that the best place for this may not be in the Product Ideas section, but I really don't know where else to put it.  It really just needs to be fixed.  I did try putting this in the Windchill CAD Integration Product Idea but evidently there is no product idea area for it.

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