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Mesh "BOM" for Creo Simulate

Mesh "BOM" for Creo Simulate

Currently user has too little of information about model mesh - especially material properties and mass of entities.

Sample of information currently provided:

Principal System of Units: millimeter Newton Second (mmNs)

   Length:          mm

   Force:           N

   Time:            sec

   Temperature:     C

   Model Type: Three Dimensional

   Points:               2429

   Edges:               11385

   Faces:               15692

   Springs:                 0

   Masses:                  0

   Beams:                   0

   Shells:                  0

   Solids:               6750

   Elements:             6750

  Total Mass of Model:  1.462664e-04

A report (mesh "BOM") with number of elements for each type (brick, tetra, quad...) and mass for each component would greatly help to:

  • find wrong material
  • find what components contribute most of elements to model (possible room for mesh simplification)

Quad% component elementsComponent mass% of model elemens
% of model mass

90%10 kg85%10%


66%90 kg15%90%


Maby a diffrent list for elements and material properties used in each model - just for readability point of view.

Also similar functionality for probing simulation entities modelled as assembly/simulation feature (spring, mass, shell,  beam...).

Obviously a list would be available only after meshing.

(current simulation info contains some of this, but not in human readable, compact format)


You can have multiple materials and elements types in single part in Simulate (say diffrent properties for shells, beams and solids).

Therefore mass properies analysis of Creo Parametric is no useful to debug the mass properties.



You can assign material properties in Creo Simulate for shells, beams, and solids in a single part.


  • say you have a solid profile with mass m1 (with material 1)
  • say you have a shell plate with mass m2 (with material 2)
  • say you have a beam element with mass m3 (with material 3)
  • say you have a mass element with mass m4

(all this in single part file)

If you ask mass of model from Creo Parametric, you get m1. If you look Creo Simulate log you find that model mass is m1+m2+m3+m4.

Since these elements do not exist in CAD- model as elements with mass. Therefore model debugging is made quite hard for us today.

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Status changed to: Acknowledged