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Model Manager shoud be 64 bit

Model Manager shoud be 64 bit

I have a customer with big models with a lot of parts, and Model manager go out fo memory.

I already set the java memory value to maximum (about 1610Mb, with bigger value Model Manager doesn't start)

but it is not enough.

So, I think is time to make a 64bit version. Are there any plans about it?

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I agree that it should be 64bit, but I can think of other enhancements that I would like to see before that change.


PTC communicated long ago that there are no plans for a 64-bit Model Manager.

I don't remember when this communication happened, but I am pretty sure

that the statement is still valid.

Also, from my deep knowledge of the WM architecture, a 64-bit MM would require a

64-bit WM kernel - which does not exist.

- Max


Yes, the problem is the Kernel, migrate the java part is almost immediate, just change JRE.

I don't think is so difficut to migrate about 2MB of dlls.

this means PTC wants to kill Model Manager without any chance for this software to proof its value.

I suppose that a lot of our customers will not change to Windchill, they will prefer to change the cad also


if I had the source code I think I could do it in a week.


Ask PTC if they want to give it a try.

However, I am pretty sure that your estimation of "a week or so" is far away from reality.



Meanwhile, I developed a customization that make Model Manager run 64 bit. I'm searching for beta testers, now.
you can find more details here:


I assume that you managed to run with 64-bit JRE (=Java), but the kernel is still 32-bit?

If so, the "64-bit" MM will be "some kind" of improvement, but not a real 64-bit application,

since the 32-bit kernel is limited to approx. 2 GB of C-heap (used for LTABs and other

data stored in the kernel).

Anyway, if this special version allows "a bit more memory" than the official MM, PTC should

pay the 5k€ and make this version available for all customers under support.


Yes, Your assunptions are right. Thanks for your interest.
Today I added a detailed description in English on my site.

This project was only to prove that an improvement is easy. I spend only few hours for a working prototype, as exercise to learn about RMI.

There is also a demo video where you can se the 64 bit process using more than 2GB, and the 32 bit process using only 26Mb. But this is a lucky example.

Anyway you should expect that available memory is at least doubled, tipically 3-4 time more or better.

But I don't think PTC will support this project. If they give me the kernel sources, I can try to migrate to a full 64 bit application, it would be much more better than my solution, but what PTC wants is replace model manager with windchill, so I'm afraid PTC will not like this project.


Setting Java Memory (-Xmx) to 1610 MB is far too high.

The total Memory available for the 32-bit program (Modelmanager.exe) is 2GB

and this needs to be devided into Java-Memory and C-Kernel-Memory (mainly for LTAB structures).

If you are dealng with huge Models, your Model Manager will also need a lot of Memory for the LTAB structures.

Recommended Maximum values for Java are 768M or 1024 - but never more.

If you are running out of Memory in Model Manager, you need to load your huge assembly in several "chunks".

I know of customers dealing with 200K parts and more, so I wonder how huge the models are that crash Model Manager.

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