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ModelCHECK: Configuration wizard.

ModelCHECK: Configuration wizard.

This product idea builds on the great capabilities included with ModelCHECK.  I propose a configuration wizard that is more than the current Gui tool available from Creo Options, Environment, ModelCHECK dialog interface.  The following ideas are proposed as requirements for a ModelCHECK Configuration Wizard:

  • Wizard should have intelligence to handle the complete solution design process: Initialization settings walk through with links to help and best practice advice.
  • Wizard should have intelligence to guide admin to create different configuration sets: Development, Production, etc.
  • Wizard should have intelligence to guide admin to create the various different checking conditions.
  • Wizard should have intelligence to guide admin to create check file sets: Start, Check, Constant, and Status check,for each condition.
  • Wizard should have intelligence to guide admin to easily review what is common and what is different in each different condition check file sets.
  • Wizard to configure either option the admin chooses: Automatic config loading by condition.mcc, OR Manual config loading with the ability to set the manual config mode names.
  • Site configuration awareness: option 'modelcheck_dir' to point users to a common network shared modelCHECK settings folder should be incorporated into the Wizard.  Current gui only seems to work with files in the local install path leaving the admin to copy these back to a central location and find modelcheck_dir creo config option or scrip a copy of the settings to all users machines.
  • Highlight configuration options that work in concert with other options.
  • Ability to re-run tool to update configuration.

Any other things that would make this awesome and really add value to Creo Administration?


I too find it daunting and confusing to try to configure away from default.

(FYI, you can do a common network shared modelCHECK - look at $MCDIR)

Each time I go thru the documentation, I find something else new that betters what I originally directed toward and sets me back as to how to implement.



Hello Ron,

I agree!

Yes, for network shared config I'm using the option: modelcheck_dir.  I believe the environment variable $MCDIR was for older versions of Creo E/P 5.  We're on Creo 2 here.

It took me about 100 hours overall to review all settings and test about 30% of them.  This was my first full self teaching of ModelCHECK, in the past I had modified an installation set up by a previous admin.

- Jim


I am setting up for Creo2 from WF4 and I was able to get the $MCDIR to work.  I have a central location for common files.

just getting understand and function everything else is making me bald faster.

btw >> something new: "modelcheck_dir"!  back to the drawing board - thanks!?!


Status changed to: Acknowledged
Status changed to: Under Consideration

Thanks for sharing this idea. Ultimately, I agree: configuring ModelCHECK can be quite daunting and complex. While I'm not sure if a wizard is the best path forward, I do want to find a better way to make configuration a more simple and streamlined experience. I don't have a timeline for that, but I welcome any and all additional input and ideas.