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Move Object/Part Tool

Move Object/Part Tool

Move Object/Part Tool


To whom it may concern,

First, thank you for considering our feedbacks to improve PTC Creo. While PTC Creo’s advanced abilities developed in fast pace, one of the most basic feature is not introduced to program yet: “Move Object/Part Tool”

In many CAD programmes there are many move tool variations which ease the flow of design. For instance Siemens NX, Catia and Rhinoceros has this kind of tool. Some of these examples are listed below:

  1. Siemens NX:



  1. Rhinoceros:



                In PTC Creo we all know that a variation of “Move Object/Part Tool” is also existed but from user’s perspective this tool is now working well comparing to other programs. Let me visualize it step by step:

  1. To move an object in assembly, first you need to choose part from assembly tree:



  1. After clicking “Edit Definition”, we need to delete constrains from “Placement” if any available. First problem appears here, all of the components of the assembly just disappears when we chose “Edit Definition”. This feature hides any reference part if choosen part is not in the bottom of assembly tree.



  1. Now, we need to click to “Move” section. But our “Move Tool Cursor” is disappeared. However we should be clicking the arrows and write down the number we want (i.e 20 mm) which will complete our action.






  1. But, it is not over yet. We choose “Translate” and click to “Motion in Reference” and select any reference plane or surface.
  2. After selecting our reference plane or surface, we write down the required number (i.e 20 mm)



  1. Now, the worst part is coming. We should drag the mouse to move object “left” or “right” to control “Relative” dimension. In this action, in most of the case you cannot control desired dimension.
  2. And if you’re happy with the result then you go back to “Placement” and choose “Fix” to fix object in 3d space.

In conclusion, as engineers and designers we sometimes need to move parts to see some part collusions or design possibilities. In this point it is important to move parts or even sub-assemblies in assembly easily. We are really glad to have a tool similar to Siemens NX which will shorten the effort. Hope you will be evaluate my feedback and give us a solid solution in newer versions. Thanks in advance.

1 Comment

I wagree. While the funcitionality is there, it's too slow a process, and requires too many clicks for such a simple and relatively common procedure.