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Multi-view---Display a two, three or four view viewport

Multi-view---Display a two, three or four view viewport

In proe and creo, only one Show All Views is style mode only.

This functionality is High-frequency used in product design, can review and modify models effectively. However this great functionality is available in NX and Solidworks


I don't know why PTC product manager don't care such functionalities which are most popular for us at all.

For example:

  • Full view
  • Normal to view
  • Remove the limit of 31 characters for creo file name
  • File name support other language characters, not English only
  • Support Multi-processor really

During the past ten years, upgrade from 2001 to Wildfire 5.0. PTC R&D only focus on changing the command from menu manager to dashboard.  But until now some commands are still in menu manager. For creo, only change style to ribbon , no really new technology except one flexible modeling

Creo Sketch is a part of Photoshop.

Creo Layout is a part of AutoCAD.

For big company, It's impossible to fill all the engineers' reqiurement using Creo family only.


  • anyrole is impossible task.
  • anymode is impossible too since unable switch creo parametric to direct, from creo direct to simulate
  • anydata is impossible since need install 3rd-software on same machine

and GSO tell me Wildfire 3.0 and 4.0 are retired, 5.0 will be retired soon. It seems customer have to upgrade to Creo Parametric by force.


I think Creo Parametric is much better than Pro/E. A lots of enhancements are added referring to

Also Creo Parametric is an immature product. More and more new functionalities will be added into the following release. I hear that Normal to view will be added into Creo Parametric 3.0. File name support non-English character can be performed by setting a hidden option. and Creo Layout can control 3D data update in 3.0

Referring to, in Creo 3.0, it needn't install 3rd-software on the same machine. Please stay tuned.


creo_less_restrictive_names yes 隐藏的中文选项

Status changed to: Acknowledged

I did try to find split view feature and i found on PTC website but provided link does not working at all. Then Tech Support sent me another link and it does

not work also. Why it is so painful in CREO software and Tech Support ? 

As an end user looks like PTC does not do right job. I use before Solid Works, Autodesk Inventor, CATIA and I would say CREO is worth software to manage and use it .

Status changed to: Under Consideration

PTC has included the ability to expose 4-view capabilities as a standard capability in all areas of Creo on the roadmap for a future release.  Those that have used the Style feature have enjoyed this capability to provide an improved user experience.  This enhancement will require some thought to properly implement an improved experience, which will include the ability to control the view state and display styles in each view for each view pane, as well as, how we support the display of annotation and locking/unlocking view manipulations for all views.


As to some of the other items below, such as, removing 31 characters in Creo File name, File name to support spaces and special characters, support multi-processor, etc.  These are captured in other 'ideas' for which I have commented on.  We too are looking to improve these areas in a future release of Creo.



Mark Fischer

Sr. Director, CAD Product Management