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MultiBody part

MultiBody part

It would be nice if, in the context of a simple part, you could  be able to create a multibody modeling based on quilts (the same way as CREO manages mold volumes within a manufactoring assembly file).

This would give greater freedom to use the top down design in a very simple and effective way within skeletons models (for example in the management of complex welded structures).

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Alessandro Ferri

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I'm not sure what you mean "create a multibody modeling based on quilts".  Creo can now create multiple Quilt bodies, what it cannot do is create multiple, overlapping solid bodies that are not merged.  Is that what you are talking about?


If you use Mold extension license in CREO, you can define a mold volume which acts more or less as a solid part (it's automatically trimmed with the mold .prt) but is a quilt because is treated as an assembly feature.

In other words would be nice if you could manage a quilt in a skeleton part context in the same way you treat a PRT in assembly context when you activate it.


Let's assume you are able to "activate" a quilt; if you create an extrude surface, this surface should be automatically merged with the active quilt. CREO should put the features in the correct order in the model tree (using a technique similar you use to manage a local group).

You can do it yourself manually of course but is time consuming.

I hope now you understand what I mean and apologize me for my "rough" english.



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