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Multiple session of Creo3 embedded with Windchill

Multiple session of Creo3 embedded with Windchill

With the deployment of Creo3 we lost the ability for our user base to run 2 session of Creo while connected to Windchill.  This has affected many users in our company.  On their behalf I am requesting that they regain the option to run 2 session of Creo when connected with Creo.

Sapphire I

PTC has always recommended that you do NOT run multiple sessions of Creo connected to Windchill. They have finally figured out how to enforce their recommendation.

If you do run multiple sessions, you MUST use different cache folders for each session.

If our designers want to see another drawing for reference while in Creo, they use the image that is stored in Windchill with CreoView.


We had users that insisted on doing multiple Creo 2.0 sessions and it caused trouble. We just did some testing on this and with Creo 3.0, and Pro/INTRALINK 10.2 you can connect with two sessions of Creo 3.0. However, you must use the same workspace. If you change workspaces in one Creo session, when you go to the other session the workspace (and displays etc) are changed there too.


So why do they insist you not run multipule sessions... I have done this for as long as i can remember and I have more than 15 years with PTC products.  I have not had any issues with corrupting workspaces or anything like that.  I think you are looking more at a licensing issue on PTC part not a problem on the users part. 


Not being able to run multiple sessions is a hit on my productivity. My workaround for this new limitation takes time and is extremely inconvenient.


The main reason I would like to have two sessions of Creo open at the same time is so I can have one online and offline. This will allow me to compare the features in the model tree at the same time.

Sapphire I

You can run multiple sessions, but each session needs its own cache folder. By default the startup scripts use a single cache folder.

I am guessing that with no problems running multiple sessions, you have it set so that each sessions uses its own cache folder.

It has nothing to do with licensing, since one workstation SHOULD only be using one license no matter how many sessions are running because only one session is active at a time.

Topaz II

That's not true with floating licenses, each session uses it's own license.  That is how locked licenses work. I believe there's a product idea here somewhere to change that, but I can't find it.  I might be thinking of this discussion instead: Running multiple sessions of CREO without consuming multiple licenses


I have never run multiple cache and have never had a problem.  So I don't know where that idea comes from

Emerald I

There seems to be a lot of confusion going around.  Let me see if I can clarify some things.

First, running multiple sessions of Creo (Pro/e) while connected to Windchill and sharing the same cache is currently supported and has been supported since Windchill 9.1 (M010+) w/ Wildfire 4 (M070+) and Windchill 9.1 (M020+) w/ Wildfire 5 (F000+).  "Cache sharing between multiple Pro/ENGINEER sessions of the same datecode when logged into Windchill with the same account, working with the same cache and even the same Workspace is supported."  See CS131176 for more info.

Second, a change was made to how cache sharing works starting in Creo 3 that requires all Creo sessions connected to the same cache to also be connected to the same workspace.  If you change workspaces in one of the Creo sessions it will change workspaces in all the others.  This is documented here: CS202061

Third, node-locked licenses are considered "uncounted".  This means if you have a node-locked license on your computer, you can run as many simultaneous session of Creo you want (or your computer can handle).  On the other hand, floating licenses only allow one session of Creo at a time.  If you start a second session, a second floating license will also be retrieved.  (The only way around this restriction is to borrow a floating license.  Once borrowed, the floating license will act like a node-locked license for the duration of the borrowing period.)  This node-locked vs. floating license difference has been around for at least twelve years, so I highly doubt PTC will consider changing it now.  See CS33927 for more info on this topic.


Tom you are correct now why did PTC change it in Creo 3.  Why do I have to have all sessions of creo hooked to one workspace.  What is the motive behind changing it.


I used to work with up to 2 sessions of creo 2.0 simultaneously (one of them off line) and this had facilated a lot my job when I was making revisions and modeling editing by comparing parts.

Unfortunately creo 3 doesn´t allows me to work that way and because of this now is much more difficult and laborious in doing what was so simply.

Its a pitty.

Sapphire I

Thank you Tom for the clarification.

PTC does not say you cannot have multiple sessions with different workspaces, they only state that to do so, you need to setup different cache folders for each session. See the CS article that Tom linked in his middle paragraph, CS202061, for details.

Is there a way Creo 3.0 could run different sessions same time?

It's really useful when it comes to matter of time having different sessions, most when you're running something heavy but creo is still thinking, so in the meantime I can use that time to make some other work in other session.

I was used to do it in Creo 2, and never had any issue doing it, but seems like creo 3 is not allowing me to do it anymore

Sapphire I

See CS202061 for how to set up Creo3 to run multiple sessions.

You need to define separate cache folders for each session in order to use multiple workspaces. If you use a single cache folder, then all sessions will use the same workspace.

Regular Member

It is nice to see same regrets are shared all over. Thanks for your comments all.

This is to let you know the kind of claim a user can have with Creo 3. It looks like the already posted ones, but always good to illustrate more. I think there is room for improvements here, in terms of functionnality. there is no reason for a user to maintain variables or batch files to set multiple PTC_WF_ROOT, PTC_WF_CACHE and CREO_AGENT_HOME. And the IT dept is not to push customized solutions to each workstation, but has a opposite role for standardizing. How would that be difficult to add this functionalities (Set a unique PTC_WF_ROOT, PTC_WF_CACHE and CREO_AGENT_HOME environment (directory paths) for each session of Creo) in some Creo Menus, or options, or an extra Config add-in etc ?

Here is a sample of user's claim :



I have a problem with Creo 3. If you want to check two different 3D models at the same time, you can open Creo twice and therefore using two licences at the same time.

In Creo 2, you could have one Creo connected online to Windchill and looking at the model from PDM, and you could work offline in a model that was stored locally in another Creo. Now in Creo 3 this option is not available any more. You can have either both Creos online or both Creos offline. Today I lost two hours of work in Creo, because I wanted to connect first Creo to PDM to see a 3D model online, and then it erased all data in session also in second Creo. Then they were both Creos online, which is not neccessary, because I need only one Creo to be online.

Why is this very useful feature gone or how can I solve the problem?



The only reason I don't want to allow our uses to run more than one session is purely because of licensing.  We have only so many floating licenses.  It would cost too much and wouldn't make any sense for us to get a license for each user since half our users don't check any files in to PDM.  They need a little more functionality than what Creo View offers.


Steve G.,

Have you considered using the FlexLM options file to restrict the usage to 1 license per person?

Look at the MAX option.

Perhaps something like the following would work:


This should limit all users to only 1 license each of the feature "PROE_Flex3C"


Dan N.


Yes I looked at that Daniel but we have three different license types.  We would have to put that option for each type.  But that would still allow them to use 1 of each type at the same time.



I am bringing this topic back up from the dead. In layman's terms how do I go about setting up a different cache folder for each session.



Sapphire I

See CS202061 for how to set up Creo3 to run multiple sessions.


Hi Ben,

I read CS202061 but unfortunately it went right over my head. I know Pro E/Creo well but I have never dived into the admin/behind the scene side. Where do I even start to try to set these options listed below. I have done some reading on the site. Are these win environment varaiables or are these changed in a startup script?

  • Set a unique PTC_WF_ROOT, PTC_WF_CACHE and CREO_AGENT_HOME environment (directory paths) for each session of Creo where a different state in the Server Registry are desired (eg. if wanting to change the active Workspace in session 1 but not session 2 )
Sapphire I

I have not done this, but you need to set them in a batch file that would then launch Creo.

Also having a different start-in folder for each session of Creo, defined in the shortcut, may be enough that you would have different settings for those values inside of Creo. I tried to look in Creo to see what they are set at, but could not find them, I thought back in WF, they were listed in some menu display.


I figured it out. You have to save a copy of your current .psf file and then edit the new .psf file. Saving a copy of your .psf file allows you to pick a different startup configuration immediately after launching Creo.

MY .psf file was located here: C:\CREO_3\Creo 3.0\M090\Parametric\bin

After saving a copy of your .psf file you need to edit the file.

A) Give a new name in the row Desc= (I called it "Creo Alt Workspace")

B) at the bottom add:

    Env=PTC_WF_ROOT= Put any folder loaction that makes sense to you. For example: C:\PTC\ALT-ROOT\BHILL

I had to register the server location for the new session so it can see Windchill. I also had to load my config and customization.ui files for the new session. I placed my config and customization.ui files in the .settings folder that is created automatically after you type a folder location for the Env=PTC_WF_ROOT=. Not sure if placing the config and .ui files in the .settings folder is necessary but I did. I only had to register the server the very first time I launched the new session.


Hello PTC,

is there a chance to get an answer directly from PTC to this idea?

Any plans to bring it back?

All our users are complaining about this missing functionality.


Sapphire I

PTC has answered it in CS202061 which tells how to set up multiple cache locations for multiple sessions of Creo.