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New ModelCheck Ideas

New ModelCheck Ideas

Below are a list of some of the items on our company checklist that are not covered by modelcheck. We would like to see some of these implemented. I know some have their own product idea, but I'm throwing everything in here:


  1. No Weak Dimensions
  2. All Orphaned Dependencies Broken
  3. Features set to Read Only
  4. Any un-embedded datums or sketches should be named
  5. No 0 dimensions for scenarios where they could be constrained to coincident (in sketches, holes, datum planes, etc)
  6. Only Locked Dimensions, where applicable
  7. All dimensions should be named when used for relations or family tables
  8. All features should be named for family tables
  9. Sheetmetal flatpattern won't fail
  10. No nested family tables
  11. Patterns should be set to Identical, where possible, instead of General
  12. Remove unnecessary relation comments
  13. Any sheetmetal features not using the default sheetmetal parameters for bend radius, etc...
  14. First Assembly component that is externally referenced
  15. First Assembly component that is not using default or coincident with default datum planes
  16. Checking subcomponents in assembly for proper naming convention
  17. Checking subcomponents in assembly for proper parameters (windChill location, based on naming convention and release state)
  18. No Assembly Cuts
  19. Assembly not to be in Exploded View
  20. Assembly not to be in X-Section View
  21. Drawing/Annotation Notes to only be used from a certain list, where the notes contain more than one line
  22. Drawing General Views to not reference Geometry
  23. Model Name should be the same as File Name and Number (3 columns in WindChill)
  24. . I had to create a separate idea for this...


In addition:

  1. Better Support for use-case scenarios where some instances of family tables are released and others still being worked on or tweaked from the generic's family table. How can we run modelcheck without flagging all instances as modified.
  2. Allow an option for ModelUpdate or Custom Checks to go to the ALL tab by default
  3. Allow mapkeys to work within browser pages and change the ModelCheck tab/buttons
  4. Allow condition file to incorporate more than 2 statements and include multiple AND/OR with parenthesis
  5. Allowing the condition file to see information about the drawing's model (parameters, model type, etc)
  6. Update HTML look to be similar to WindChill 10, like the current looks like WindChill 9
  7. Have the condition file be able to not add parameters or add parameters based on certain situations (will help the family table scenario above - for generics)
  8. ModelUpdate run on other modes besides Interactive
  9. Check for Material Names that should NOT be using
  10. ModelCheck be run from within WindChill (like the View addon can create dxfs...)
  11. ASM_CREATE_VIEW ability to create ISO views - more complex views
  12. EXTRA_LAYERS - Allow for a list of layers to be in the layer tree, without forcing its creation, such that everything else can be deleted
  13. PRT_PARAM_MAP won't actually map if PRT_PARAMETER is also available for the same parameter
  14. STD_DRW_DTL_FILE based on model units
  15. OVERLAP_INFO - Support Geometry lines, not view border
  16. UNUSED_SHEETS to support formats
  17. MCREGEN_VERIFY_FT_INSTS for parts as well (see above about released instances)
  18. DIR_REPORT to be a separate location than the actual HTML files for the ModelCheck browser. Any non-local path will fail give an error when running modelcheck
  19. Move out as many config.init options to another location that can be modified while running Creo AND can be set with a condition.init
  20. MATERIAL_NAME support for subfolders in the material library.
  21. 9/5/17 - Allow ModelCheck reports to be added as an attachment to the CAD Document in WindChill automatically.
  22. 10/18/17 - Have the Circular reference error actually spell out what is wrong and what the loop is. At LEAST using the same words as the .crc file. We would appreciate better wording than the .crc. Currently it just lists the model, which is very confusing and doesn't help much. The Creo 4 notification window doesn't help much in this area as well. We need to move away from the .crc file to debug circular references. Modelcheck AND the noficiation window should be better used for this.


From Comments Below:

  1. mlockwood-2‌ - ModelUpdate option on a per-check basis (buried features to not be deleted) especially since buried feature check is more wrong than right... (And Erased Views)


I'm sure there is more that I'll think of later. But this should be a good starting list



What about using PTC_MODIFIED parameter in the condition file? 

What about in your file setting



Added today #21

Allow ModelCheck reports to be added as an attachment to the CAD Document in WindChill automatically.

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Could you please add to the list :


When calculating OVERALL_SIZE, ommit hidden features (like construction curves, ...)

As of now, we are following some of those points as manual checklists.
thanks for such elaborate list of check points.

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Hi @jwagh 


It's really great having all of these ideas together in one place, so thank you for compiling this list. But while I certainly want to include some (if not most!) of these items in future releases (in fact, a couple of them are tentatively planned for Creo 8.0), I can't really give a proper Status update to this idea, or really even prioritize which items on this list should come first, since there are so many under this one entry. It would be helpful to have these divided up to help determine which items to do first and to be able give you more helpful updates, especially when they get delivered. I've touched base with the Community Manager for help here, but I may have to ask you to split this idea up.